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Floppy, lethargic 12yo DD -- typical or not?

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All0vertheplace · 17/04/2016 11:02

My 12yr old daughter is developing a strong tendency towards being kinda floppy and lethargic, likes staying in bed, hard to rouse for leaving the house, except for school mornings.

My OH is worried, wants to take her to the doctor, says this is "not typical behaviour" for a girl of her age. I feel less worried -- seems to me like it IS yr classic teen behaviour. Not that I like it, and I still want to find ways to overcome it, but I was curious to know if you would agree that this is atypical behaviour for a 12yr old girl.

OP posts:
BackforGood · 17/04/2016 22:51

Pretty normal for teens.
They get to a stage where they like to lie in until the afternoon and generally only come out of their rooms for food.
Absolutely typical.

TheGirlOnTheLanding · 17/04/2016 22:54

Sounds typical to me. Mine is becoming nocturnal too - doesn't want to get up, but is wide awake when I go to bed, despite lights off, gadgets banned after 7pm etc.

Ancienchateau · 17/04/2016 22:58

Very normal.

MrSlant · 17/04/2016 23:01

Well I'd go with a splinter up the bum fence sitting 'it depends'. Does she rouse for stuff she loves to do, ie DS2 has been invisible all day, in bed playing on his tablet, drawing a bit, moving as little as possible. I actually jumped at one point when he appeared because I'd forgotten he was in. 6.30pm two of his friends appeared at the door with a football and I didn't see him for dust, sauntered back in an hour and a half later, filthy and laughing. Then it was food, onesie, back to inertia. Are there things she wants to do that she is too tired to do or is she just mooching? If you offered her a once in a lifetime shopping trip and £250 to spend in the dark one of those teen magnet clothes shops would she suddenly find the energy?

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