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MAGCON - what is this fad and should I just do with it

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mammamic · 12/04/2016 19:57

Our very soon to be 12 yr old is a regular on Instagram. She and her friends mostly use it for private chats and fan pages, which is where the MAGCON thing comes from. Basically a 'Meet And Greet (MAG) Convention where you pay £100 to go to the O2 and have your picture with these losersboys (men, some of them!). Our daughter really wants a ticket for her birthday - any one know about this and what it entails?

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mammamic · 12/04/2016 20:00

Just to add - I have no issues with Instagram and have hoeourhly researched / discussed plus regular 'review' of posts and use so comments/input specifically on MAGCON and how to deal with this fad is what I'm really after. Thanks

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N0tSoEvilStepmum · 12/04/2016 20:53

Ditto - my 12yr old likewise social media savvy & also wants to go but I am not sure.... Grateful for any input from parents who have been to such an event

123rd · 12/04/2016 23:42

Which losers? Are they you tubers or the like ? £100 is pricey!

VimFuego101 · 12/04/2016 23:46

Yep, basically social media stars. I wouldn't mind her going although it sounds like a waste of money but would you be going too or does she just want to go with friends?

123rd · 13/04/2016 00:07

I wouldn't let my dd go at the age of 12 to the 02...but we are country bumpkins so city folk might think it's okGrin (& I also wouldn't pay £100 to go with her!)

mammamic · 13/04/2016 01:21

Instagram/Vine 'stars'. I don't know if I mind her going cos at the mo - I just did not get it. I don't get why she wants to go. They are literally famous because they have millions of followers . A few attempt singing and some are quite good at posting funny clips but that's it.

At that price - I'm not sure we can go with her - is probably just get the basic ticket (£20) and wait outside - the £100 ticket is to meet them for pics etc. They've finally found a way to make lots of dosh for doing nothing but wasting time online. As I said - bunch of losers

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IHaveBrilloHair · 13/04/2016 01:26

Eek, that is pricey, I wouldn't pay that either

mammamic · 13/04/2016 01:26

I may have to lie! Say it sold out. She's a really good girl and it is very rare for her to ask for anything. When i started to say it is unlikely that she can go, she cried. Totally out of character. It's hormones too - she's hit puberty big time and started her periods 3 months ago so everything is a big deal. She's never wanted anything this badly.

this is going to be a hard decision either way

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Baconyum · 13/04/2016 01:32

My dd aged 15 is into youtubers and IMO that is ridiculously expensive! We've been to see Zoe and Joe suggs who are very successful and tickets were around 1/4 of that price AND included a signed copy of their latest book and a few mins chatting and a photo. In my view Zoe and Joe and similar have put a lot of work into their status and do a lot for less fortunate people too. The instagrammers seem to just be flying on their coat tails doing much less.

IHaveBrilloHair · 13/04/2016 01:32

Saying that, be on her side with her obsession, even if they are a bunch of losers
Dd likes bands that sound to me like a bunch of angry men banging pan lids together.
I do buy her the stuff associated with the pan lidders and listen to it with her after consuming alcohol.
Keep her onside as much as you can

mammamic · 13/04/2016 09:19

Thanks everyone

As BrilloHair says - I usually am very tolerant supportive of whatever she's in to but this latest thing just seems out of my comprehension.

I may look into finding something cheaper like Bacony's Suggs boys and see if those interest her too.

I didn't think it could get worse than Miley Cyrus as ahe was transitioning from Hannah Montanna. DD was about 5 and the show was way too loud even by O2 standards and inappropriate for her age.

Tickets go and on sale Friday - I'll keep you posted

OP posts:
123rd · 13/04/2016 17:41

Guess what...? Just got home from work and my DD is waving an Instagram message from her friend with a pic of the eventSad I've said we can't justify £100 for a tix...she is now pissed off at me. That's soooooo much money. What do you actually get for it? There isn't a lot of info on the O2 /ticket stub site

IHaveBrilloHair · 13/04/2016 22:48

Actually, backtracking a bit, but what will it cost in total and how much does she want to go?
I'm asking as I took DD to see a pan lidder band (Fallout Boy), in another city.
I think the ticket for her was only around £30, but train fare, overnight hotel, food etc and it cost easily more than £100.

123rd · 13/04/2016 23:02

We recently went away for a v special weekend to see one of her fav bands. ( it was a Xmas pressie) and stayed in hotel for a night, shopping and meal so we do treat her to nice things. I just £100 for 2 hrs queuing up is silly.

theendoftheshowshow · 16/04/2016 09:58

Tbh if you can afford it I would - but only as a birthday / xmas present.

Even tho it is a complete waste of money, things like that are so important at that age. I still hold a grudge against my parents for not letting me go to a concert I was desperate to go to as a teen! I would have happily had the ticket as a present, money was not an issue - it just wasn't their kind of thing to do.

mammamic · 22/04/2016 13:39

A week on and there is an update.

Her dad spent the best part of an entire evening online and got her a ticket for her birthday. The parents' tickets are £18 and he can stay with her the whole time. And yes, it's a birthday present (the actual event is the weekend after her birthday).

She is totally ecstatic - she cried for joy when we told her!!!

It's a full day thing - from around 10am to 9pm. The deal is that she will have to pay for all the food, snacks, refreshments etc for her and her dad that day (she has a debit card for her account where her pocket money goes each week).

So glad that I'm not going - result!

thank again everyone - your comments were really helpful

OP posts:
SnowyDeer · 20/05/2016 19:43

Personally I think they're talentless but if she really wants this I think it's worth it

vickibear · 01/07/2016 07:11

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