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anyone heard of gohenry?

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Jw35 · 03/11/2015 11:57

I'm considering this card for my 12 year old. Anyone used these?

OP posts:
dementedpixie · 03/11/2015 15:03

No, we just opened a normal bank account with a debit card instead (most banks do them from age 11)

Contraryish · 03/11/2015 15:06

I saw it advertised and looked into it, then I found Osper which is pretty much the same thing for half the price. Can't really comment on using it as I only got a card last week, but worth looking at as a comparison.

BertrandRussell · 03/11/2015 15:12

My DS has an osper card. What I like about it is that it is linked to Dp and my phones- so if he needs money we can instantly transfer some to him. Very useful when he's out and about. And we can also see what he's spending it on which is very useful when they are younger!

TeddTess · 21/11/2015 20:26

we use osper here, is really good. a great way to get money to them when needed to as you can load it instantly via your phone app and they can use an ATM. also no contactless so better protection if it gets lost imo (go henry is the same but more expensive and also has contactless).

ealingwestmum · 25/11/2015 14:57

Needed to order a GoHenry card this morning BECAUSE of needing contactless!

Usual stuff, Y7 DD caught off guard by losing her zip card before travelling this morning, then got to tube station realising her purse was at home etc etc.

Had a Barclays debit (randomly, not in purse...not sure why?), but didn't know what to do with it other than buy to food/odd lush item -cornish pasties. Could have bought a machine ticket (but she'd forgotten the drill from summer). So, no cash, a card but not contactless, but did have a phone. Needed a paper ticket, but couldn't purchase one. Until she'd rung me.

So, this will be the back up (kept elsewhere in the bag) for these eventualities. I believe you can also use it from the phone app (not tried it yet).

Not an ideal scenario but london buses also won't accept children without zip card identity, no cash allowed and therefore I'd rather she can pay full fare by contactless vs having a full blown melt down like this morning.

ealingwestmum · 25/11/2015 15:20

sorry OP, didn't mean to rant when you've asked a simple question. Load fees are for sure lower on the Osper account. And Barclays does not give the child online access until 16 so doesn't help with the visibility for both child or parent. And getting indemnity rights was a pain in the butt (they thought it was strange that a child may lose a card but expected them to be mature enough to ring themselves to report it??)

Was actually searching for the pre-teens to read up on MN advice on changing 12 year olds.

Got caught on a bad day Grin. But at least I've found the site pages now!

mintygirl664 · 04/12/2015 16:47

Both mine have goHenry and love it. You can check where they are spending too on an iphone app, and easy to transfer money using the app. On my youngests card I have disabled online purchases and set a max weekly spend, so its pretty flexible.

LilithTheKitty · 04/12/2015 16:54

We've got osper just because opening a real bank account was practically impossible. You have to go in branch but with us both working full time we could only go on a Saturday and the appointments were booked up for months in advance.

alicewhatsthematter · 02/02/2016 18:20

We have a goHenry too. It's great.

ShelaghTurner · 02/02/2016 18:25

I've just got Osper for my 8yo. Only because she was getting pocket money then forgetting to bring it out with her so I was still getting whining for the things she should have been buying herself. Also I'd buy something and forget to get the money back. I keep her card at all times and she can use it with me. Also she can use it on amazon for her Beanie Boo collection HmmSmile

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