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School Meals!

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ashbydela1988 · 21/07/2015 19:43

Hi all,

I have an ongoing issue with our 12 year old Son. He started secondary school in September and the current issue were facing is in regards to school lunch.

He currently gets 'Free School Lunches' in the form of vouchers for the canteen to buy his lunch, recently our son told us that he has been using this money to buy two cans of fizzy and two giant cookies, this isn't a one off occurrence, everyday he will choose to spend his voucher on sweets and fizzy drinks instead of a main meal at his school.

I've tried emailing the school to enquire about their rules on what children can spend their money on at lunch, but had no reply. I've tried having a discussion with him about healthy food choices and the importance of nutritious foods to no avail.

Obviously I'm really concerned that on most days he will refuse to eat breakfast then use his money to buy cookies and full sugared fizzy drinks, so that his diet of the whole school day will consist of nothing but sugar. His behaviour is deteriorating at school and we often get reports that he is 'acting silly', 'flopping about' and generally just not paying attention.

Does anyone else have any experience of this or any further suggestions on how best to tackle this?

Kind Regards


OP posts:
catchingzzzeds · 21/07/2015 19:58

Send a packed lunch and take away the vouchers? I know it means you'll miss out on the free meals but at least he won't be surviving on rubbish.
You could try it for a term and if his behaviour and grades improve he gets the vouchers back?

KTlee · 21/07/2015 21:07

I agree with catchingzzzeds

You've tried talking to him about it and he's ignored you so take away his choice until you feel more confident that he can make appropriate choices for lunch himself, especially as it is having a knock on effect on his behaviour

TeenAndTween · 22/07/2015 12:53

Raise it with the school again.

Our secondary has a cashless fingerprint system. The FSM kids get money loaded or an allowance somehow, but aren't allowed to spend it on fizzy drinks, cakes etc. It has to be spent on 'proper' food.

proudmummy2004 · 23/07/2015 12:03

I am surprised the schools sell fizzy drinks tbh I thought they were cracking down on all that sort of stuff. I am pretty sure at the secondary school my daughter starts at in September does not sell sweets, crisps, chocolate or fizzy drinks? We never let our daughter drink fizzy drinks unless at a party so as she has got older, if offered, she says no because she actually can't stand the fizzy ness of it and I am glad. She does not drink tea or coffee, she has fresh juice or water (which she drinks by the gallon lol).

I agree raise with school. Call me old fashioned but I don't agree with stuff like this being sold at school anymore, unless it is a once a week thing like a tuck shop on a Friday x

WankerDeAsalWipe · 23/07/2015 12:11

If you don't get a reply from the school then I would be taking it higher. (Education Authority or Council depending on where you live). That is really not on is it?

Apart from your obvious and genuine concern for your child's welfare and I am sure all the other parents of children who are getting FSM would be too, the money is supplied in order that your child can get a healthy meal that for some children it may be their only opportunity to have a proper meal at all. peer pressure etc might mean that these children are surviving on nothing but sugar.

Is he definitely getting this in school, or is he swapping the vouchers for cash and going to the shops?

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