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Your thoughts on Mini Moto's and Mini Quad Bikes

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wifeandson · 18/05/2015 11:24


I am new here. I was thinking of buying one of these for a family member who has just reached his teens and I saw a couple of nice ones over at Mini Moto City. However, I did some reading and it seems like they have a bad reputation, but only because thay have been misused.

Has anyone had any experience with purchasing Mini Moto's for their children?

Are the electric ones better?

OP posts:
OneMagnumisneverenough · 18/05/2015 19:55

Do you have private land for him to use it on? Pretty sure they are illegal for use on roads/pavements/public land.

OneMagnumisneverenough · 18/05/2015 20:00
wifeandson · 18/05/2015 20:36

That is perfect, Thank you.

Yes we have a large garden.

OP posts:
OneMagnumisneverenough · 18/05/2015 20:46

That's good then :)

personally, if I had the space and the money I'd go for one of these instead:

At least they'd still be getting exercise and they are infinitely safer. Not sure how happy I'd be at my young teen scooting about at 60mph without safety equipment/licence etc.

wifeandson · 18/05/2015 22:53

I can't imagine those mini motos reaching 60mph. They can be restricted as well. I'm glad you posted berg toys. I was looking at them the other day.

OP posts:
OneMagnumisneverenough · 18/05/2015 23:02

I didn't know what speed they reached but I'm sure I saw on the website you mentioned that they could go to 60mph - glad they can be limited - my 13 year old is 6 foot tall though so I could imaging him either squishing it into the ground or tipping of the back of it whilst trying to keep his feet off the ground. Our garage was always too full to get one of those Berg things in and nowhere else to keep one - DSs are probably too lazy now to bother anyway :)

OneMagnumisneverenough · 18/05/2015 23:04

I think with those motos, you either need to be well off with enough room to use it privately or have a farm or something, or it's the riff raff ( :o ) on housing estates that ride about illegally on them causing a nuisance. they are not the sort of thing that would be suitable for us nice folk living on normal suburban housing estates iyswim?

Heartofgold25 · 18/05/2015 23:14

Death trap look into the rates of injury and then think whether you would like your child to be added to it. 60mph is way too fast. Clever teens will always find a way to outwit your restrictions. Definitely go for one that isn't so fast and organise a grassy farmland area and a crash helmet and some private healthcare x

Swright · 28/07/2017 17:10

You could try Micro Bikes UK for ride on toys.

Silvertap · 28/07/2017 17:27

Not in a million years.
Like a previous poster look up the stats of farm children having horrendous quad bike accidents

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