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10/11 year old with teenage siblings

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Daisy98 · 27/04/2015 23:18

we can never get our 10 year old to sleep now because his older brothers are so noisy and bang doors and basically do everything noisily in the evenings. The older one doesn't get in from work until 9 twice a week, and seems to be unable to be quiet, even when he is trying. How do we have a normal routine for our 10 year old, when parenting teenagers at the same time? Is it unreasonable to ask the older ones to be quieter? They think we are OTT but youngest boy is sleep deprived and grumpy.

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TeenAndTween · 28/04/2015 13:20

Not at all unreasonable to expect consideration from the teenagers!
(see my user name!)

FlowerLight · 28/04/2015 23:24

You're not being unreasonable at all! I have two teengage sons (17&15) and our youngest is 9. We have had to have a number of conversations, nature of the conversations they have in front of DS3, language used, making a lot of noise when going to bed late. We do have a bit of deal re the bedtime though! The elder two are quiet at night and the youngest has to be quiet in the morning when they lie in! I tell mine they need to remember the DS3 is a lot younger than them and they need to think back to how they were then.

SilasGreenback · 28/04/2015 23:38

How old are the teenagers and are they at school or work?

I told mine if they couldn't be quiet they could all go to bed at the same time (the 9 year olds time) but the oldest is only 15 and knew I would follow through. They are now much more considerate.

If they are working suggest a flat share might suit them better.

You are not being unreasonable.

BackforGood · 28/04/2015 23:53

The fairly simple solution in our house is, if the oldest can't be reasonably quiet and considerate of others when he is awake and younger siblings asleep, then the rest of the household is under no obligation to be quiet or considerate at times when the teen would like to lie in, when the rest of the household are up.

Seems to work mostly.

Daisy98 · 29/04/2015 08:18

unfortunately he wouldn't care if we made a noise in the morning, he'd sleep through a nuclear bomb!!

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