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Seeking views - not sure how to deal with latest behaviour outburst

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Patinkin · 24/03/2015 07:15

My 9 year old has a temper. Last night (long story) she ended up biting me twice, hitting me and trying to squeeze my hand to hurt me. She's 9 so there was no real damage to me but I don't know what consequence to put in place for this.
I am not into 'punishment' as such, I prefer to have consequences that flow from the behavious to help them process it all. This is the worst behaviour yet.
She is due to go to brownies tonight, is a sixer, and one of her friends is being enrolled - she says she needs to be there.
Hubby is away and says I need to send a clear message here and suggests not letting her go.
Do you think that is a reasonable consequence?
I am in danger of overthinking this so other views would be helpful right now!

OP posts:
cdtaylornats · 25/03/2015 11:43

While I think on the surface its appropriate you have to consider further consequences. If she isn't there will her friend take offence? Killing a friendship would an inappropriate punishment.

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