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DD 11 with extremely greasy hair

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Nimo13 · 31/01/2015 07:32

My poor DD has developed really greasy hair and suffers from dandruff. I've managed to get the dandruff under control with a weekly clinical strength shampoo but bless her her hair is so greasy. Does anyone have any tips please

OP posts:
RedorBlack · 31/01/2015 07:39

I ran out of normal shampoo yesterday & used baby shampoo, forgot how efficient that can be like paint stripperFailing that you could try a white wine vinegar rinse.

RedorBlack · 31/01/2015 07:40

Bah! Strike through failConfusedGrin

PeaceOfWildThings · 31/01/2015 07:43

Dry shampoo on days hair isn't washed, but try to wash hair every day. A short hairstyle helps.
drink plenty of water
try a very simple shampoo, unperfumed and nothing fancy. if the shampoos are stripping the oils from her skin and scalp it can seem that the body tries to make up for it.
if hair is long, tie it back.

banana skin rubbed on face before bed can help with spots!

RoganJosh · 31/01/2015 07:51

How often is she washing it at the moment?

PeaceOfWildThings · 31/01/2015 08:01

Oh yes, a lemon juice rinse is good, or witch hazel.

nightswift · 31/01/2015 08:05

Is she washing it every day? Is she blonde? I wouldn't dream of not washing mine - blonde hair can be more porous and go from okay to greasy really quickly in my experience.

scarlettsmummy2 · 31/01/2015 08:08

Maybe speak to the doctor, presuming it could be linked to puberty.

Shedding · 31/01/2015 08:12

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JiminyCricket · 31/01/2015 08:18

Hairdresser told my dd to apply shampoo really rubbed in to roots on DRY hair then rinse and re-apply, rinse and then conditioner on ends. I have no idea how well she is following this advice, but its working.

JiminyCricket · 31/01/2015 08:18

Oh ans she washes it every few days but not every day.

TheFirstOfHerName · 31/01/2015 08:26

This happened to DS1 and DS2 when they reached puberty.

We found that supermarket own brand shampoos solved the problem. Sainsbury's apple shampoo is good.

Idratherbetheboss · 31/01/2015 08:34

I've got a sensitive scalp, greasy roots and dry ends.

I use anti dandruff(usually body shop ginger shampoo) one day and then normal shampoo the next and only ever condition my ends.

At the minute I'm using a 'naked shampoo' and it seems ok.

I've had this hair type since puberty as well, Unless I'm having a pj day like today I HAVE to wash my hair every day. Its a nightmare

ClaimedByMe · 31/01/2015 08:37

Dd is having a greasy hair problem at the minute, vosene shampoo or tea tree shampoo gives the hair a good clean, only condition the ends wash every day and make sure the hair is rinsed properly.

dementedpixie · 31/01/2015 08:40

dd uses my L'Oréal nutri gloss light shampoo and conditioner as it is designed for hair that is prone to greasiness. she washes it every couple of days

PiratePanda · 31/01/2015 08:46

This is normal for teens and will get better.

  1. The only dandruff shampoo on the market that is actively medicated and therefore actually works is Nizoral. The rest are just marketing fluff and don't work. You can buy Nizoral over the counter.

  1. You should never wash your hair daily if you have oily hair (as I do) - it just makes the problem worse. Once every two days, and use either a very cheap basic shampoo or an expensive amino acid shampoo (e.g. Kiehls).
youmakemydreams · 31/01/2015 08:52

Dd is 11 and the onset of puberty brought greasy hair.
She tries to only wash every second day because it takes forever to dry but every day if she has to.
She has stopped using conditioner and we use vosene.
She has just started her periods and this has made a difference as well. It was greasy all the time before now only greasy for the few days before hand and lovely the rest of the time.

HoggleHoggle · 31/01/2015 08:53

I'm guessing it could be her hair is prone to greasiness so I wash every day but when I was in late pregnancy I couldn't shift the greasiness at all.

Hairdresser suggested I get a very cleansing shampoo to try and budge it. I used tresemme deep cleanse (think it was called that, def had 'cleanse' in the title). It clearly isn't terribly good for your hair but it did strip the greasiness off instantly! Maybe dd could try that once a week or so?

Bonsoir · 31/01/2015 08:54

Wash it in the shower every morning with a shampoo designed for volume/extra cleansing. Aussie is good.

BoffinMum · 31/01/2015 09:01

My DS2 has a similar problem and he washes his with Head and Shoulders Citrus every two days and that has worked quite well. DD got terribly flaky scalp and she had a shampoo from the doctor on prescription - brown bottle. Can't remember what it was called.

Bonsoir · 31/01/2015 09:59

Dandruff/flaky scalp plus greasy hair suggests a serious lack of hygiene (hair washing that is insufficiently thorough and/or frequent).

dementedpixie · 31/01/2015 10:15

Or it could be hormones related to puberty!

Bonsoir · 31/01/2015 11:06

The hormones related to puberty increase sebaceous secretions from the scalp.

The solution is more frequent and thorough washing of the scalp. Otherwise there will be a build up of bacteria on the scalp, feeding off all that delicious and nutritious sebum. Which will irritate the scalp and present as dandruff.


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BeeBawBabbity · 01/02/2015 08:15

My dad has to wash her very fine but very abundant hair every day now or it gets greasy. Plus make sure all product is really rinsed out.

And dry shampoo is great for disguising the greasy bits.

Nimo13 · 01/02/2015 21:05

Thank you. She washes it every other day but has to wear it up the other day. She appears to wash it properly and only puts conditioner on the end. She has long brown hair and I've tried head and shoulders citrus and various other greasy shampoos but with little effect. Will try vosene or a basic supermarket shampoo. Also will try rubbing into dry hair. Thank you . Definitely related to puberty as body changing shape as well.

OP posts:
Nimo13 · 01/02/2015 21:06

I should add - tried dry shampoo but that didn't work out well sadly

OP posts:
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