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Signs of puberty in 8 year old DD

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siscaza · 12/01/2015 20:17

DD will be nine at the end of next month, have noticed she is starting to smell and there is evidence of discharge in her knickers. This all feels really young (I hit puberty at ten when I first noticed hair, discharge came when I was about twelve), was expecting evidence of hair and breast buds first? She knows all about puberty and is not bothered in anyway, happy to ask questions etc. Just wondered if this is normal?

OP posts:
Hulababy · 13/01/2015 18:43

It is still within the normal range, just on the lower age range.

DD was around the same age when she first started to hit early stages of puberty. It isn't uncommon for girls to experience discharge for a good 2-3 years plus before periods though. She is 12 now and she started her periods at 10y, whilst in year 6.

siscaza · 13/01/2015 22:10

Periods at ten seems so young, I was 13! Will make sure I'm prepared in the next 18 months just in case. She is definitely more temperamental, sigh.... I thought I had a few years before dealing with that...

OP posts:
Hulababy · 14/01/2015 10:00

I know. So was I so yes, it was a bit of a surprise and seemed so young. But she was fine and dealt with it really well. By the time she left year 6 there were 4 out of 12 girls who had started periods - so age 11 seems to be increasingly common now.

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