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Preteens and sleepiness - can you share your experiences?

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frustratedsuperhero · 08/12/2014 16:19

Anyone happy to share their experience of preteens and tiredness? My 12-yr-old ds says he's sleepy all the time, dozing in quiet moments at school etc. I have an anxiety disorder, which means that I assume there's something seriously wrong (my mind always goes to cancer!) when my kids report relatively minor health troubles. I'm aware that I don't always see straight. Given that my kids won't be served by me overreacting, do you think this is par for the course when kids are approaching puberty, or should I take him to the doc?

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LastingLight · 08/12/2014 16:39

How much does he sleep at night? Do you make him come off all screens for at least an hour before lights out? Is he maybe busy on phone etc. when you think he is sleeping? Does he get exercise and does he eat a healthy diet?

frustratedsuperhero · 08/12/2014 18:03

Thanks for asking, LastingLight. He's allowed to listen to music before bed, but not have screens, and we confiscate phones an hour before bed. He says he's sleeping, is pretty active and has a relatively healthy diet. He seems to sleep as much as ever - I wondered if it could be puberty / growth...?

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Heyho111 · 11/12/2014 06:48

At his age they need at least 10 hrs sleep a day because of their development. It's nearly impossible for them to get that at night in the week as their sleep patterns change. A teens body clock means they are not tired till late at night. It's fine to catch up at weekends. If he can let him sleep on as late as possible at the weekends. My lad sleeps in the car too and from school in the car every day.
It really doesn't sound serious. But you could get it checked out just to put your mind at rest if it persists.

frustratedsuperhero · 11/12/2014 10:43

Thank you so much, Heyho111. Lots of good sense there.

OP posts:
elderflowergin · 12/12/2014 16:11

My dd who is 11 could sleep for Britain at the moment! She is usually full of energy in the day/early evening but I think the combination of walking to and from school, more strenuous pe lessons, homework and weekend sleepovers means she does get very tired. She is doing rehearsals for a pantomime at the moment and has late nights on Fridays, and she falls asleep very quickly and is a nightmare to wake up ! At the weekends she sleep and sleeps, we let her lie in as much as she needs to.
Maybe your ds needs to have a few tech free early nights and weekend lie ins, until school breaks up, and then see how he is ? If he is feeling sleepy in lessons is it to do with eating, ie too many carbs, chips at lunch time, or not eating enough. I know my dd eats some of her packed lunch in her break or she is starving by lunchtime at 1pm.
If he is still the same after a bit of catch up sleep in the holidays, maybe you could take him to the gp ?

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