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What does your 10yr son play with?

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MINE75 · 21/10/2014 20:05

Im struggling to get my son off the xbox, he spends almost every minute on it. I always ask , why do you play with something else, and he says its all boring. I suggest loads of things, but even i do think that they are either too young for him or boring. He seems a bit old for Lego now, or action figures, puzzles etc. In the summer he would spend alot of time playing outside, but now winters on its way and hes indoors alot.

What do your boys play with? Im really interested.

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rainbow26 · 23/10/2014 20:50

My ds10 and ds7 are the same tbh.They would prefer to be out playing but generally as the nights draw in the xbox or YouTube vids seem to be their main hobby lol.My two have got each other to play with too though and they do enjoy arty things together or the do still play role play games together which usually involves superheroes or wrestling lol.

NorwaySpruce · 23/10/2014 20:55

Mine is usually playing Minecraft, LOTR or Star Wars Lego, reading, or practising the piano.

He still dresses up to play with his brother, so has a cape, morph suit, spy gear etc.

He loves his scooter, and takes it pretty much everywhere.

Minecraft is the default option though.

wheresthelight · 23/10/2014 22:30

My dss is 11 but at his mum's he is permanently wired into a computer either playing teraria or minecraft. to my knowledge his mum just allows it.

here he gets no screen time, it simply isn't allowed. he reads books, plays board games, rides his bikes.

turn it off, you are the adult and he needs to respect that. agree limits or things he has to do to earn time on the xbox but you need to help him learn to balance his time.

DRDBP · 23/10/2014 22:32

I just wanted to comment on the bit about seeming too old for Lego. Take a look at some of the kits. Some are even designed for adults :) The latest Mindstorms are certainly not beneath a 10 year old.

wheresthelight · 24/10/2014 10:32

ohh missed the lego comment! Dp is nearly 40 and LOVES playing with Lego - in fact i think he got more out of legoland discovery at Trafford than the kids did!

beatricequimby · 24/10/2014 19:13

Mine plays with lego, reads, does a lot of music, plays football and goes out on his bike. And plays on the computer. Does he go swimming with friends? Our pool does a Saturday afternoon floom session that a lot of the kids of this age go to.Table football and table tennis are good if you have room inside.

beatricequimby · 24/10/2014 19:17

Or even flume

amyhamster · 24/10/2014 19:18

I restrict the xbox to when dh is in
This means that my 10 year old ds will play Lego , action figures ( often dr who ) with his 8 year old sister

WaltzingWithBares · 24/10/2014 19:24

Ds10's default mode is his ipad but screentime is limited. When not on screens he goes up and does lego stuff in his bedroom or some picture drawing. He's recently started learning guitar so practicing that is a good distraction from the ipad. Or, even in winter, him and DS2 will go out on the trampoline for a bit.

Unfortunately the trampoline blew away on Tuesday Sad, and is going to take some major resurrecting, so Ill need to be on the ball to keep them off screens this half term.

MINE75 · 31/10/2014 08:16

I think the lego comment was slightly misleading, he loves when he gets Lego and as you say some of the kits are really tricky. He loves building it all, but once its built, thats where the fun ends.
I do try and limit the xbox time, espically on nice days when he does then go outside, our free standing basketball net blew away last week also, ha ha.
Thanks for the input.

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