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Worrying 8 year old DD

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sunflowerfi · 19/10/2014 22:05

My DD has just turned 8 and is in year 3. Last week she came home devastated that her best friend was leaving to go to a different school (locally she still lives in the area). The reason behind her friend leaving was boys in the class picking on her. DD says the same boys pick on her and has started saying that she doesn't get on with any of the other girls-I think this though is more a case of none of the others are her BEST friend like the girl who is leaving. She even said the other day 'no boys like me cos I am ugly'.
I spoke to the teacher on parents night about all this. He said that although the girl who left was obviously my DDs best friend, she had plenty of other friends too. He also said I wasn't the first mum to mention these specific boys names and that he would be speaking to them and keeping an eye on things.
I am happy enough with the teachers response but all this has just started me worrying so much. I had a crappy time myself in primary school- I was always on the outskirts of the 'in crowd' got teased about being tall and skinny and having red frizzy hair. I can't bear the thought of any of this happening to my daughter. Although she is far prettier than I was at that age-that can make them even more a target for jealous bullies though I guess
She is quite hot headed at times more than I ever was but not really the assertive type that people wouldn't dare mess with-some of the girls in the class even at the age of 7/8 just have this self confident presence.

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