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What sanitary protection does your DD use?

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starfish4 · 17/10/2014 14:16

DD has just started her periods. She is quite small (5stone) and I was half expecting her first one to be light so just bought some Lillets Teen Night and Day and some panty liners. She was really light and panty liners were sufficient. The Lillets Teen range look good for a small one, but I suspect they won't be sufficient when her periods start properly, so want to get a couple of choices in now for when needed. Can I ask what other girls like to use, pads or tampons and which make.

OP posts:
spottymoo · 17/10/2014 14:18

Dd uses the lil lets range I buy the day and night towels and tampons from sainsburys so far so good

fluffling · 18/10/2014 12:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lightheartedindeed · 18/10/2014 12:04

Dd uses the lil let's teen range. Currently stocked in the pound shop Wink

Dancergirl · 19/10/2014 10:13

Dd really likes Asda's own brand teen range. I'm not sure if they've been discontinued though as I haven't seen them for a while.

EdwiniasRevenge · 19/10/2014 10:17

DD (13) was using the lilets teens nighttime around the click but she has found that her flow is far to heavy for them so she is doubling up lilets teens applicator tampons and a bodyform super with wings.

she is tiny bodywise but unfortunately needs the extra protection from an extra long adult sized towel.

starfish4 · 20/10/2014 14:05

Thank for your replies (so far). Sounds like the Lillets range are popular (which is what I bought for her). Before she started she was adamant she didn't want to use tampons, although, she did comment last week that towels felt like a nappy, so that may change in time.

I get the impression she is happy for me to buy whatever I think, although, I've pointed out to her I need her to tell me if she wants a brand again or why she didn't like it. I am going to get her some others which are a bit bigger just in case she gets heavy, so will try the Bodyform super (they may be better in the long term at night anyway). Still happy to try any other suggestions though.

OP posts:
FreckledLeopard · 20/10/2014 14:10

DD likes the Tampax Pearl range, but thankfully is happy to use whatever we have in the bathroom. She used tampons from the first day of her period and only wears towels at night, as she's got very heavy periods and the tampons leak otherwise.

EdwiniasRevenge · 20/10/2014 16:14

I didn't think DD would go for tampons but she was suffering bad leakage which is why I suggested them doubled up with a towel. She won't use anything else now.
she doesn't like tampax, but am going to look for lilets applicator (non teen) as I suspect they will be cheaper than the teen ones....

ItsAllGoingToBeFine · 20/10/2014 16:16

If you can afford to I'd get her a variety if shapes (wings/no wings etc) and various tampons (applicator/non applicator) and maybe some reusable towels as they are way comfier than disposable.

Leave them for her to try out in her own time and figure out what suits her best. Avoid anything scented!

BeattieBow · 20/10/2014 16:22

mine started with tampons right from the beginning too. I got her tampax with applicator to start with and she seems to like those the best. I can't remember how she asked for those - possibly I just noticed what she was using in the bathroom (I use moon cup and wouldn't dare suggest that!).

I started off on the light flow ones for her, but now she uses a mixture.

BeattieBow · 20/10/2014 16:22

my dd is a bit squeamish about the non-applicator tampons.

LaQueenIsKickingThroughLeaves · 25/10/2014 16:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fattycow · 26/10/2014 20:31

I got my little sister a range of things when she first started her period five years ago. Everything from pads with wings, pads without wings, extra long pads, thick pads, very thin pads, and tampons in mini and normal.
My mum had her use the ones she uses (very thick non-winged ones) that made me feel like wearing a diaper, so my sister was very grateful when I got her a range of things.

SarahCraine · 25/11/2014 03:19

I would prefer also pads with wings, pads without wings and the extra long beds. You have nothing to worry about if you have a lot of options during her period. If she's having a light flow, she can use the ultra thin pad.

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