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Immature 12 year old

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FedupofTurkey · 22/09/2014 20:04

My ds is in some ways very sensible, ie I'm happy to leave him alone for short periods in the house, can have quite adult conversations. However he is quite socially immature, ie acting silly at home and with peers. Physically he's quite mature.

He doesn't care what peers think about him (which in some ways is good) and I encourage his individuality. I just worry about his immaturity with his peers who seem to be increasingly more mature and I'm concerned this may result in a lack of friends. He has friends but not a great social circle - he'd rather stay in and play minecraft than play team sports.

He can also come across as quite moody, sullen and embarrassed to others. He can be quiet and shy, he can also be bossy and wants peers to do what he wants - although we've talked about give and take in friendships!

Is this normal 12 year old behaviour?

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LastingLight · 23/09/2014 09:04

Sounds pretty normal to me. Children mature at different rates and even adults relate to other people in different ways.

FedupofTurkey · 23/09/2014 12:35

Thanks Lasting :)

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Mabelface · 23/09/2014 12:40

Sounds perfectly normal! My 15 year old boys still act silly at home. In fact, so does my 40 year old husband. Grin He's got plenty of time to grow up.

FedupofTurkey · 23/09/2014 18:03

Thanks Madlizzy, I don 't want to rush him growing up, he still likes a hug :)

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Perfectlypurple · 23/09/2014 18:11

My 17 yr old dsd was and still is the same. I can't see her ever maturing at the same level as her peers.

Grammar · 23/09/2014 18:20

My DS is 15, his voice only broke over the summer holidays, he sat on my lap each morning for a hug until 6 months ago and still does occasionally. He leapt round the place playing with swords with his other (slightly older, he is a July baby)friends until about 9 months ago. He is a joy. Don't rush it, it'll be gone some day soon, never to return.

Mabelface · 23/09/2014 18:45

My 21 year old still comes for an occasional hug.

FedupofTurkey · 23/09/2014 19:39

Aw lovely tales :)

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