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tv, magazines and other stuff

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jdlondon · 17/04/2014 17:51

Have 11 year old girl and seems there is not much on offer for her on tv, mags etc. Seems to be a real gap or is it just me? Any ideas welcome.

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Takver · 17/04/2014 20:28

I've got a just 12 year old. On tv she enjoys Dr Who, MI High, Mythbusters, not really much else atm, mainly seems to be endless RPGs on Scratch or chatting to friends on FB.

Magazines I think by this age really they are most likely to read an interest based mag aimed at grownups (adult magazine sounds all wrong Grin ) so my dd likes National Geographic as she's really into wildlife and science, but for example friends of hers would read horsey mags, crafty mags, whatever their thing is.

Mignonette · 17/04/2014 20:31

Try JUMP! Magazine here. Fun, non gender stereotyped and democratic.

JumpMagEditor · 19/04/2014 12:34

Thanks for linking to Jump! Mag, Mignonette. Flowers

At present we are aimed at preteen, i.e. 8 - 12yrs, but teen topics are in development. Some of our content is already more suitable for the higher end of our target audience. About a 1/3 of the content is written by our young readers.

I think you are right - and that is why we are trying to bring a lot of interests together in one online magazine. We try to sneak a bit of educational content in, and the aim is to get kids stepping out of their comfort zone and looking at other topics. So you might have someone who loves history, and they will read an article about carbon dating, which sneaks in some science. Particularly for those who say 'I hate science and maths', this can be a good way of getting them to learn about these subjects.

jdlondon · 23/04/2014 13:23

Thanks for the tips facebook is not on the radar too much much more about skyping. I will have a look at JUMP. Seems like there is certainly a gap for some new tv programmes and other platforms.

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