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What do your 10-13 year old dds watch on tv?

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Dancergirl · 13/04/2014 18:36

I'm trying to work out if it'll be really mean to get rid of the Disney channel!

Older two dds are nearly 13 and 11. They watch a fair bit on Disney but also like things like the Apprentice, Bake off, Call the midwife.

Will it be the end of the world for them with no Disney channel??

OP posts:
Notmyidea · 13/04/2014 19:08

I got rid of Disney, Nick etc because I hate them. Somehow seem to confuse being funny with being rude. The dds have coped with a mixture of cbbc and adult programs.

BackforGood · 13/04/2014 19:10

dd is 12 and in Yr7 - it eems to be a bit of a changeover time.
She still goes on to CBBC and picks up progs there, but also likes 'How I met your Mother' / 'Big Bang Theory' type programmes as well.
Loves a bit of Glee too.

Fairylea · 13/04/2014 19:12

Gosh no... get rid of Disney :) we just have free sat and dd aged 11 does well with mainstream telly like call the midwife, Britain's got talent stuff and she watches a fair bit of cbbc and citv too. Perfectly fine with those.

She also loves watching Sherlock on Netflix with me at the moment and I'm a terrible awful mother because she started watching vampire diaries with me and she absolutely loves it. I just sit with her and fast forward through any of the sexy bits (which are few and far between).

chocolatespiders · 13/04/2014 19:15

Dd10 likes casualty, eastenders, wipeout, cbbc, master chef, Friday download, the cube.

Nocomet · 13/04/2014 19:19

DD(12-13) Bake off, hairy bikers, strictly, the voice, Dr Who, Sherlock, Top gear, Simpsons, QI, mock the week, come dine with me (which I switch off), property programs, OBE (if I'm not looking) and I don't ask on Utube.

She admits to Dance Moms and following lots of trainee gymnasts video blogs, but lots of dubious comedy slips through too.

The perils of having an older sister. Never had Disney or Nicklodeon so it's a bit of a black hole once she had watched and re watched the Sarah Jane Adventures and the Roman mysteries. There are only so many times you can rewatch HP, Percy Jackson and Twilight videos.

DD1 likes science and history documentaries, but DD2 doesn't.

Picturesinthefirelight · 13/04/2014 19:25

Dd is 12 & in year 7 & doesn't watch Disney channel at all

Her current favourite is old episodes of Smallville. She used to watch Justice League.

Ds is 10 & likes channels like Cartoon Network. He likes The Simpsons, Pokemon & some awful animated stuff. There is one programme he watches that might be Disney called Crash and Bernstein. It's awful.

lechers · 13/04/2014 19:39

My DD is 10, and we don't have Disney. She likes a bit of CBBC

Dwerf · 13/04/2014 19:43

Endless minecraft videos.

But also big bang theory, sherlock. dr who.

VivaLeBeaver · 13/04/2014 19:45

I think dd does watch the Disney channel quite a bit. Doesn't watch cbbc.

Otherwise its stuff like The Simpsons, Countryfile, Top Gear, britains got talent, come dine with me.

Dancergirl · 13/04/2014 19:48

What channel is Dance Moms on? They like that too!

OP posts:
bigTillyMint · 13/04/2014 19:48

We have never haf Disney so I am sure they will be fine without itWink However, DD started watching Towie, etc at 13, so maybe Disney is preferable!

DS(13) watches things like Man v Food and Lizard Lick Towing!

Dancergirl · 13/04/2014 19:51

I suppose it's one thing never having had Disney and another having it and then it being taken away!

OP posts:
17leftfeet · 13/04/2014 19:53

Dance moms
Modern family
How I met your mother
Extreme couponers???
Toddlers and tiaras
Big Bang

She also likes watching music on kerrang

Jerboa · 13/04/2014 19:57

Big Bang
The music shows, Top 40 etc;
The Simpons
BGT and XFactor when on
Apprentice when on
Keeping up with the Kardashians Hmm

CheckpointCharlie · 13/04/2014 20:00

Interesting thread. My dd watches Austin and ally, Jessie, Ant farm, all the disney stuff..... She does also watch cbbc for MI high and stuff and she loves the Sewing bee but mainly she likes Disney.

I have to say the worst programme for making her speak to us rudely was the old days of Tracy Beaker! So I will leave disney on the list for now..

CheckpointCharlie · 13/04/2014 20:02

17 love the Kerrang channel!

Pagwatch · 13/04/2014 20:03

DD is 11
Dr Who
Master chef

That's it. She's not into tv

SetPhasersTaeMalkie · 13/04/2014 20:15

DS loves the Big Bang Theory, Dr Who, things like x factor and BGT. He enjoyed the last series of Sherlock and used to love Hustle.

He doesn't watch any Disney anymore thank goodness.

HolidayCriminal · 13/04/2014 20:21

DD is 12. Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Miranda, Dr. Who, Documentaries, Sherlock and abs. fave is Scrubs.

CPtart · 13/04/2014 20:33

Ant n' Dec
Master chef
Who's been framed?
Harry Hill

Ludways · 13/04/2014 20:37

My ds 12 never watches tv, I mean never. Just isn't interested, he'd rather listen to music and scroll through more music to decide what to listen to next, lol

Dd 8 has been ill today and we've watched back to back icarly, victorious and Sam and cat, mind numbing!!

Housemum · 21/04/2014 15:11

We got rid of Disney Channel, only have Freeview via Youview BUT DD2 (11yo) loves Tracey Beaker/Dumping Ground and I'm not sure if that isn't worse! I hated the whiny American brats on lots of the Disney programmes but I'd rather watch Good Luck Charlie back to back than a single episode of the British brats on Tracey Beaker.

Serendipity30 · 25/08/2014 18:50

I had the disney channel etc. but i noticed a noticeable change in my DD and her behaviour. She also started watching the same episodes on loop and was watching more tv than usual. I also felt that some of the content was too dramatic. I explained why i didnt like the the programmes she was watching and the took the channels off. DD was initially very against me removing the channels but after a week she appeared over it and went back to watching cbbc, although she now does other activities.

moldingsunbeams · 26/08/2014 11:53

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MoreCrackThanHarlem · 26/08/2014 11:56

Dance Moms is on Lifetime.
I dd loves it.
Dr Who
Bake Off
X factor

She is 13.

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