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They are still young girls

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LastingLight · 16/03/2014 12:32

My dd and her friend are playing with Lego and toy cars... I'm so happy that they still want to do that, and not just surf the internet or talk about celebrities and fashion (not that mine is into that at all). Their childhood is so short, it's nice that they can still be this imaginative.

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LastingLight · 16/03/2014 12:32

Sorry, should have said that they're 11.

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BackforGood · 16/03/2014 12:41

and the question / point / discussion starter is......... ?

LastingLight · 16/03/2014 12:55

So many threads look for advice about problems. I just wanted to share something that I feel is positive.

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Stinklebell · 17/03/2014 09:57

I found my 12 year old and her friend playing with her sister's Barbies at the weekend.

She's usually far too cool for school for stuff like that

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