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DS9 exaggerates illness and injuries - normal?

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printmeanicephoto · 09/03/2014 14:36

It's getting beyond a joke now. He'll scratch his own hand and then say he bashed it on the table and double over in pain and roll around on the floor. He'll collapse on floor if I put my arm around his shoulders and say I've scratched his neck. He'll practically die if his little sister lightly touches his back, saying she whacked him. He is nearly 10. Is this normal for this age or should I be worried?

He is usually a quiet boy at school but more outgoing at home.

I asked him if there was something wrong today and he said yes but he can't tell me what it is.

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LastingLight · 09/03/2014 16:29

My dd can be a drama queen about the slightest injury or illness. I've told her that I cannot take her seriously when she tells me there is something medically wrong with her as she is so prone to exaggeration. So now she pays the price by being sent to school even when she claims to feel really sick. (Although I did keep her home on Tue and by 9:30 there was nothing wrong with her...)

Your ds seems to be looking for attention. Does he get one on one time with both parents? Can you try to talk to him again? We sometimes have very productive talks in the car, I think it helps that you're not eye to eye.

printmeanicephoto · 09/03/2014 17:41

Yes I do think its attention seeking. DH and I do have 1 to 1s but maybe not enough (from me anyway) due to work pressures etc.

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Twighlightsparkle · 09/03/2014 22:30

V common age for this but no idea why!

We often get kids at work pretending they cannot see, when theirveyesightbis normal, try are usually 9 or 10

wilasabex · 06/02/2015 20:25

Completely normal for my DS9

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