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Googling sex on the internet

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shebird · 05/02/2014 23:31

I have just found out that my DD and her friends have been looking at inappropriate stuff on the internet while at a friends house. I am unsure exactly what they looked at and only found out through the parent of another child who heard them talk about it at school. When I confronted DD she was quite defensive and of course blamed one of her friends. We have had a chat about the dangers of looking at things on the net and I have said if there is anything she is curious about she can come and chat to me. I am still a bit shocked TBH, do I tell the host parent and other parents?

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LastingLight · 06/02/2014 07:51

Yes I would tell them. They need to set up their internet so that these types of things aren't available to the dc's. How old is your dd?

Innogen · 06/02/2014 14:18

Yes tell them. I also think it is time for the full sex talk. Explain everything, diagrams, discussion. Better her knowledge comes from you than online.

TheKidsAdvice · 07/02/2014 18:14

Well I think its probably very natural to do this, not that its good. The internet is full of pornography and horrible things like that. Maybe explain it all to her and assure her that if she has any queries she can come to you and not rely on the internet.
Hope it helped :)

deelite72 · 09/02/2014 13:43

Parental controls. That's all you need to do. Don't know what your operating system is, but google 'how to set parental controls' based on your computers OS (are you a windows vista, 7, or 8 user... a Mac user?). Set 'em. End of story. The talks are good, but trust me, they won't stop a curious mind.... especially a group of curious minds giggling in a bedroom. This is the age where curiosity sets in but the comprehension is lacking. At 9, I made my Barbies and Kens dry hump. My friends and I would practice french kissing at birthday parties. Weird! But hey, you do get a bit curious around 9/10. Things have moved on a great deal. Barbie and Ken dry humping is literally child's play compared to what kids can access on the Internet. Sex ed will be coming up in year 6 if you're not ready for the full on sex talk.

shebird · 09/02/2014 14:56

I agree about parental controls Dee and I am pretty confident that I have done everything possible to keep things safe at home. We have parental controls on all devices and main PC is in a family area downstairs. The thing is this happened while DD was at a friends house.

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