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12 year old on laxatives

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Carter16 · 03/01/2014 00:07

My ds has from constipation (due to withholding) so every few weeks/months he undergoes a course of laxitives to help clear his bowls so that it doesn't compact. Normally its not too bad but we have left it longer than usual and he is fairly constipated. Because of this yesterday I (regretably), over the course of the day, gave him double his does and it has resulted in him loosing control.
Last night before getting ready for bed they finally kicked in and he was caught short of the toilet. After cleaning up and going to bed he woke me up to say it had happend again. He wets the bed so was warring his 'special pants' at the time (a nappy!) which was helpful.
This has continued on today, he has turned into a pooh machine and was soiling himself every hour or so. ITS SO BAD HE HAS HAD TO SPEND THE DAY IN NAPPIES! Honistly he is so embarrised, his siblings are understanding but still their has been some teasing from his sister. I feel awful, it was on my trust that he took more than he should have. Whilst it is going prevent constipation its still not nice for him. Sometimes his pull ups don't hold it all (they are only meant for bedwetting). He has actually gone threw a whole packet!
Has anyone got any idea on how I can make him feel better/ say sorry. He has had moments when he was younger that were worse than this and its better that getting fecal compaction. But still I feel so sorry for him.
Thanks for reading x

OP posts:
Tuhlulah · 03/01/2014 12:09

Hi, Not sure how you can address this immediately -there are anti-diarrheao medications you can try to stop this, but the issue is the long term. For now ensure he drinks lots of clear fluid to prevent dehydration. He needs electrolytes in an ideal world.

I think you need to look at why he is so constipated, and if he is holding on, why. Did you know that an over-full bowel can create/exacerbate enuresis and these two may be linked to some extent.

Are you seeing a consultant about this, both the constipation and the enuresis? If not (and I do apologise if I am teaching my granny to suck eggs) you should get medical help, more than a GP appointment, for help with both. If the withholding is emotional you may need CAHMS input.

He is 12. You cannot allow this to continue longer without proper medical advice (and once again apologies if you are already addressing this).

The problem with long term use of laxatives is that they desensitise the bowel and stop it working in a proper way. After this episode he will become constipated again. It's an awful cycle. If you have not done so, please read up on constipation and the way laxatives work. Look at his diet. Think about gut flora and how it may be upset, and the possibility of candida.

Re for today, fluid and electrolytes. Food when he can face it. Keep him near a loo (obviously). How you make reparation for this silly over use of laxatives is up to you. I don't mean to nag or sound censorious but you really must not EVER overdose with laxatives especially on a child.

I hope someone with proper medical knowledge comes to offer advice soon. But beware dehydration.

Your poor boy.

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