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How can I help 11 yo DS develop a more 'can do' positive attitude?

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grants1000 · 01/12/2013 21:54

He seems so defeatist and lethargic. I've told him you have to work at stuff and approach things with a positive mental attitude, but he's all 'yeah yeah yeah'

I gave him a firm tough love talking too after his football match thismorning, I thought I'd do this as his whining & crappy attitude after loosing 4-2 was just nuts. I've been all nice & supportive previously but he's had none of it. He said I was being 'way harsh' but he needs to be able to manage himself better, not all instantly peed off, whining and hideous to be around.

Life is not easy, you got to work at it sometimes, tis not on plate handed to you. He needs to get that.

He's ok with me now, told him I am trying to help him. Does not help redundant DH is pancake flat and lacking oomph.

I feel like I have two huge immovable boulders up a hill, whilst cheer leading with one hand and wavering with a supportive/big slapping hand on he other. I need either of them, to show me a glimpse of something, anything.

Am running out of patience, the capacity to be helpful and supportive 24/7.

Fucking Jerry McGuire "help me to help YOU"

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