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Did your DD have any vague symptoms before starting periods?

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sicily1921 · 17/09/2013 19:46

Hi, my DD is 11yrs and just started high school, she found the first week tough but is settling in and said she is not worried or stressed in particular. She is not normally sickly but she said one day last week and then today she felt very nauseous and had a stomach ache, last week she went off her food but today this wasn't a symptom. Both times looked quite pale and just wanted to curl up in bed with a book.
She is quite well developed so I just wondered if it could be the start of something (period wise) or am I barking up the wrong tree?
Any help appreciated.

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lljkk · 17/09/2013 19:48

. just curious!

Tinlegs · 17/09/2013 19:49

Nothing to add but really, really want some answers too. Mine is 11 and, while it is probably 2-3 years away it would be good to be prepared.

PrincessRomy · 17/09/2013 19:52

I had a really bad headache the day before I started my first period - went home sick from school, shaky and felt really ill. Never had one like it before or since.

Startliteangel · 18/09/2013 08:19

DD was only 10 when she started her period ....still a baby ...she was really tearful and super sensitive about things ..she's 12 now

Lottie4 · 18/09/2013 14:21

My daughter hasn't started her periods, but two of her friends have. One had monthly tummy pains for a few months before she started and the other had really bad leg pains - funnily enough when she has her periods now that's where the pain radiates to.

I guess you're prepared, but if you feel she's getting to that age where her periods could start, then it's worth getting her a little bag for school to put a spare pair of pants in and towel. I got my daughter a little makeup bag (which almost looks like a pencil case) with a cat on. At my daughter's school the girls all know were to go if they need a towel, but may not want to ask so it's best they have something to save any upset if it happens there.

MurielHeslopp · 18/09/2013 17:05

I wonder if it's just anxiety with starting a new school. Although settled in I remember having the butterflys in my tummy feeling for a number of months when I started secondary school.

Re: period symptoms. I clearly remember 2 days before my first period I had the most hideous tummy ache I had ever felt. Which I went on to find out was period pain and that I'd be lumbered with that monthly for the next decade! Hmm Grin

sicily1921 · 18/09/2013 19:13

thanks everyone, it is good to read your replies, it tells me that symptoms are varied and to be prepared, very good advice.

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