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Violent 9yo

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mangrove312 · 17/09/2013 00:30

My 9yo daughter has recently lost it, after progressively deteriorating over the summer.

I now cannot be left on my own with her as her violence towards me is frequent and extreme, not to mention the language and emotional abuse. As im a single mum we are now living at my dads, but the slightest thing can set her off.

We have CAMHS involvement (which I want) whilst there have also been numerous Social Services referrals and two police incidents in the last two weeks, one where she had lost it and was screaming 'Im being kidnapped' at her Grandad, cue Armed Response Unit! Im scared and isolated and just want my kid back, but I think thats a long way off.

I believe there is an underlying condition that has yet to be diagnosed which scares me incredibly. Quite apart for the violence, she is waking up numerous times in the night, is paranoid of burglars and insects, and is so volatile we are just trying to keep her calm and failing. It seems to me that apart from food, I could be a trigger; she can be calm, spend 5 mins with me and I am already making my exit, to safeguard her and my safety.

I feel incredibly isolated, but Im taking the first steps... being on here trying to connect with parents in a similar situation. So if you do read this and are in a similar situation please post as I need to know there are others out there.

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