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Am I overreacting??

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CharlotteMOMMY · 31/05/2013 23:06

My DS is 9 and he asked if his friend who is a girl (Not his girlfriend!!) could stay over for the night? I wasn't sure but DH seemed to be okay with it so I said yes. Anyway, i walked into his room earlier tonight and they were both sat next to eachother wearing only underwear! I couldn't believe it. My little boy in spiderman pants sat next to an almost naked little girl! Please help! What should I do??

OP posts:
ItsDecisionTime · 01/06/2013 03:59

Oh dear! I'd be more worried about what the girl's parents will say tbh. Hopefully they'll see it for what it is - kid's stuff. I can remember when I was that age, there was a lot of "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" stuff going on. All innocent really. Just explain to them that it's inappropriate, they're starting to grow up and they could get into trouble if they do it again. Good luck!

TeenAndTween · 03/06/2013 10:28

Are they still changing together at school for PE? They presumably see nothing wrong with seeing each other in underwear.

I kind of think you are over reacting. If you are happy for them to sleep over (in same room?) then presumably you think they are still sweet innocents. Therefore you shouldn't see it as a problem.

If they had been naked however ....

What I would say is if you let opposite sex friends stay overnight in same room now, at what age are you going to ban it? It could be awkward if you suddenly stop allowing it.

hoppy01 · 04/06/2013 14:05

Perhaps a bit of a shock but my son who is now 14 has always had sleepovers with girls who are friends from a young age. Over the years we have discussed when this might stop but as long as they are happy and they are just friends, we don't have an issue. They don't change in front of each and really enjoy that nattering til late. I think it will help your son feel more comfortable generally around girls as he gets older.

Pickle131 · 04/06/2013 18:39

I just wouldn't let it happen again. You're clearly uncomfortable with it, and I don't think you're over-reacting. There's another thread about an 8 year old girl hitting puberty so it's not like they're tiny children !

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