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Early developer

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randgirl · 30/05/2013 10:53

Hi, dd is 10 and imo is an early developer (well compared to me..). I only started to develop boobs when i was 13 which is when i had my first period. Dd started developing breasts when she was 9 and now at age 10 is wearing 30A bras.

A bit of a silly question really - if she is wearing this size bra at age 10, are the chances that she will have really large breasts (so will they keep growing at this rate), or is it just an early growth and things will slow down soon. She has plenty pubic hair also which has just erupted overnight it seems. She has been having her period for 4 months now. Not light as i would have expected, heavy enough for her to have to wear a nighttime pad at night otherwise it leaks. She has also had an immense growth spurt in recent months.

So unlike me, as i have small boobs and have always had very light periods never longer than 4 days. I always thought that girls do seem to follow the mothers history of puberty.

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Theas18 · 30/05/2013 11:17

I'm assuming she's tall for her age?

I have a DD who went through puberty early (earlier than your DD such that we ended up being investigated etc). I think I have my facts straight for you.

Growth wise, early puberty means early closure of growth plates and that stops growth. On average girls have done most of their growing before their periods start, and growth will stop within 2yrs of starting periods.

THis meant my DD went to secondary school the tallest and stopped growing at about 5 foot 1. She is 14 and her friends are out growing her. She's fed up with people saying " you'll grow a bit yet" she will not.
You need to be aware/discuss this with your DD. It's been the biggest grr thing for DD2 ( even though she's the same height as DD1 LOL)

Boob wise she will grow a bit more but is unlikely to keep growing to page 3 proportions. We have a devil of a job with bras for DD2 . At 9 she was a B cup and now at 14 is FF/E depending on where we go, with a small back size. However she has been that for 12 months or more.

Bra fitting- is your DD properly fitted at that size? I'd be surprised ( see all the many MN threads!) most 30 A wearers are not that size but a 28 B or something similar! If she's comfy I wouldn't worry though. John Lewis do the best non wired non padded bras up to IIRC a C cup in their teen range. M+S are crap and rude- told DD at 11 that "you are far to young to be wearing a wired bra" , to which I said " well you don't make a DD that isn't wired" ... " oh she can't be that big...... oh she might be..... here we don't do a DD in her back size a bigger back and smaller cup will do" . All over the top of DDs head so we left LOL

DD has been a bravissimo girl since 11. They are so lovely there and the bras fit!

Periods wise DD copes OK. If your DD is very heavy see your GP though. THere are loads of treatments that are easy and help. As long as you have good GP there should be no embarrassing examinations they just are not needed.

HTH the only problem really with early puberty is firstly you "fly solo" with your DD as schools are light years behind. The lillets talk was in year 7 by which time DD (and a lot of her mates!) could have given it blooming thing! Also here the "teen tantrums" seems to have gone on for ever. I think now she's just play acting because she thinks she should, but the hormonal moodiness from a " big toddler" when she was 10 was amazing!

PM me if I can be of more help.

randgirl · 30/05/2013 13:50

Theas thanks for your post. She has grown so much recently that clothes i have bought for her earlier this year already are too small, too short in the leg etc. She was always one of the smallest girls in her class and now she is 2nd tallest! Bra fitting - unfortunately we arent in the uk so i dont know bravissimo at all, but she has a drawful of bras, the vast majority are unworn. She absolutely hated the normal type of bra that clips at the back so was just wearing a little crop top. We went shopping again and found these nice bras with a racer back that clip in the front. She finds them comfortable and can manage the clip herself (the back clips she just couldnt get the hang on so didnt even bother wearing them). I know what you mean about bra sizings and in that draw of unworn are all various sizes, but they seemed to fit iyswim. So i think the ones she has now are the most comfortable but it probably isnt her true size (its just what the label says on this particular one).

Yep we are most definately flying solo here, all her friends havent even started with buds yet, never mind pubic hair and the rest. I felt for her as her friend stayed over and i popped into the bathroom to put a towel in and she and her friend were showering, and she was wearing her swimming suit so her friend couldnt see Sad. The periods are heavy imo for a young girl, but a normal flow for a women. I am just very very light so it is probably normal.

Strangley enough she has no underarm hair...

Thanks, i feel quite alone with this, none of my friends (dds friends mums) are there yet.

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