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Which sanitary protection does your daughter use?

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Lottie4 · 22/05/2013 10:19

I know there are various threads on which towels to buy initially, but just wondered what those who've had a few periods end up using. Also, would you say your daughter's periods are fairly light?

I suppose I'm a bit worried as I was so heavy the first few years, often had times when I had to change every hour and you can imagine the accidents at school!

OP posts:
DeepRedBetty · 22/05/2013 10:22

dtd2 is sticking so far with Always Ultra Normal with Wings. She did have an accident over the weekend as she's still not used to the feeling, and it started three days earlier than she expected. This is her fourth.

Hulababy · 27/05/2013 18:31

I started by buying DD the teen range but on the first day of each month they are not really substantial enough, so she has some Always ones with wings. She was only 10y when they started this winter so she wanted something not too thick and obvious, but now there are others in her class started too she, and they, all seem much more confident about it all and just manage with normal sized ones.
DD tried tampons once as we were at Centre Parks and she was desperate to swim on our second day. She didn't like them but coped as a one off. She isn't happy enough to try it again though, unless a real need to.

NorthernLurker · 27/05/2013 18:37

Dd1 hated towels. I always use them so was a bit non-plussed by this Grin I statred off with adults always but they didn't really work for her and I went to Boots on about day three and got this the towels were much better. Then going on a recommendation from another mum I got these silk applicator tampons which she uses very happily. I think the combination of the silk finish and the applicator is helpful. I buy them online because they seem quite hard to get in supermarkets round here.

chickensaladagain · 27/05/2013 18:43

Dd uses the lilets teen towels

She find the adults ones too long

She has had probably 6 periods now and hasn't had any issues with flooding or leaking thank god

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