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Spots...what to do???

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Lafaminute · 12/01/2013 11:37

My just 10 year old is obviously starting puberty. Despite washing her face morning and evening with a clean, warm facecloth (no soap as she has sensitive skin) she tends to nearly always have small spots on her nose and her previously beautiful skin just doesn't look great. Her diet is good and she drinks GALLONS of water. She is terribly self conscious of these as no-one else in her class is at this stage. Sometimes I dab a bit of tea tree oil on them but don't want to do that every night for fear of irritating the skin. What else can/should I be doing???Her father and I both suffered with spots in our teens and I'd like to help her avoid same - is that possible or is it inevitable that she will suffer same and I'm fighting a losing battle here???

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tonythepony · 12/01/2013 20:28

i put toothpaste on any spots i get which dries them out and makes them great for picking


alwayssomething · 15/01/2013 15:17

Could you find a facewash that is OK for you daughter to use every day? That might help stop the spots appearing.

MrsEasingwood · 15/01/2013 20:25

take her to your GP, I've suffered with bad skin since I was 12/13 and it's horrible, the sooner you look into treating it the better!!

ItsRainingOutside · 17/01/2013 08:58

Try the Freederm products, they definitely improve my dds skin although don't stop the hormonal outbreaks. Your GP can offer medication but they will have potential long-term side-effects which you need to seriously consider before allowing her to take it.

piratecat · 17/01/2013 09:05

it's the hormones and my dd started her periods at 9, and suffers terrible spots. Keeping the skin clean with a wash helps a bit, but i ended up getting some Panoxyl gel cream from our gp to help. It helps a bit, what doesn't help is forgetting to use it, which we do.
I had spots as a teen so can only conclude she has my genetics. My dd feels very singled out as she has been the only and first one in her class to enter puberty so young. I just reassure her that in a couple of yrs time there will be others with spots and blackheads.
I would say the cream has helped dry out the spots, and in my dd's case helped the blackheads a bit too.

piratecat · 17/01/2013 09:06

also the Neutrogena wash is good, we have the 2 in 1 wash/mask. we sometimes use the oil free moisturiser with that.

cartey · 17/01/2013 15:13

I would wholeheartedly recommend you the Dermalogica products. They have a teenage range called Clear Start. For me these are the very best products, there are on the market. My DD 12yo, started using them as nothing else seemed to work and her skin is back to perfect within 2 months. Dermalogica also do facials which work brilliantly. I now converted myself to these products too and am delighted with the results. Hope this helps :)

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