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Frustrated ! War of the 10 year old ...

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MrsD01 · 26/11/2012 13:19

DSS is 10 comes to us every other weekend with an attitude problem ... I can't be bothered, I'm bored, I'm hungry this is baby's stuff ah blah blah me and my DH had a row over the boys yesterday and every since I'm thinking iv had it with him. My son lives at home with me and my DH and we are joined by his DS every other weekend. Things are becoming difficult and I'm about to blow my top .. And I'm worried that everyone will just thinking I'm being nasty to him ! We argued because he told of my son for not listening several times ( which I agree with ) but his DS didn't listen and was rather rude to me yesterday and even lied to us but nothing was said ...... We can't always do what DSS wants because it always involves money and coming to this time of year need as much as I can ... But DSS just sulked and literally did nothing all weekend but piss me off ! Stupid I know but I'm sure it was intentionally

Any thoughts or helpful hints ?

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bubby64 · 27/11/2012 23:05

Can't really help as both my DS's are like your DSS at the moment, so this is the norm in this house! Nothing is good enough, everything we do that doesn't involve spending a huge amount of money is "boring". How old is your son, is he a lot younger than your DSS? My boys get really annoyed with their cousin who is 3yrs. younger than them, they have forgotten that they looked up to and want to play with a slightly older boy when they were their cousins age, and now find him irritating and get really off hand and sarcastic when they are with him.

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