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12yr old DD invited to Halloween party

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Drywhiteplease · 16/10/2012 22:55

My sensible 12yr old dd has been invited to a Halloween party (7.30-9.39) at one of her new secondary school friend's house. She says 60 were invited (!!!.... Not sure this is possible unless is a huge house) and trick or treating is involved.
I don't know the girl having the party or her parents. I do know some of the other children going.

I don't want to embarrass her so early on by phoning the parents.
She tells me her friend is sensible and not allowed on Facebook , but kids tell you anything.
I'm worried about her wandering round town dressed like a goth at night...but if she sticks with a group,doesn't go into any houses and keeps her phone on her???
I'm new to this teenager thing....up until now all her friends have been from primary school and I've known the parents.
Advice please.

OP posts:
ripsishere · 17/10/2012 02:40

Is the party to be held in a house, or will they be trailing round the streets begging?
If it's the house, I would be inclined to let her go. If it's the ridiculous begging a no would be my answer.
My DD wants to do the trick or treating thing. Guess where she'll be on the night?

TheDogsRolex · 17/10/2012 03:05

I don't know of one 12 year old who is the slightest bit interested in trick or treating. I think a party is fine.

When you say 60, do you mean 60 kids?! I can't imagine that. I know when my friend had her halloween parties there would probably be around 60 of us but that would be friends, our kids (some teen, some tiny). Her family and their kids and maybe some random friends of our kids thrown in!

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