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Skin Problems

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NanaNina · 28/08/2012 19:12

My beautiful grandaughter aged 12 has a large crop of spots on her forehead, a few at the side of her nose and chin. She has had them for about 6 months. Her mom had really bad acne as a teenager. She says A's spots are in the T zone, forehead, nose and chin. I have bought her expensive stuff (recommended by another mom on here) but unfortanately it hasn't made much difference.

Her mom (my dil) is very sensible and says that she will grow out of them but if she is worried she will take her to the GP. She remembers how horrendously embarrassed she was as a teenager and her mom did nothing to help, and my dil was even putting dettol on them at one stage!

My dil told me today that A had said to her "I can't wait for my friends to get spots so they know how it feels" - she really isn't a spiteful girl at all but I am so upset because she hasn't seem bothered about them. My dil said she might take her to the GP because antibiotics can sometimes help. I read that 80% of teenagers will get spots at some time, but all her friends have lovely clear skins! I know I'm being over protective about it, but it's cus I love her so much.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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just1fornow · 29/08/2012 01:22

so sorry to hear she is having such a bad time with it. I had this problem when I was younger, my mum eventually took me to the doctors 2 years later, and discovered that my face wasn't killing bacteria properly, I got put on tablets to help it and 8 weeks or so later I was spot free and I've never had a single spot since.

my advice is to go and just talk to the gp they may just give you a cream for her or something you never know

NanaNina · 29/08/2012 12:14

Ah thanks for you reply just1fornow and I have mentioned to my dil that maybe she should take ger to the GP (I can't do it of course as I wouldn't go over the head of my dil) who incidentally is lovely and we get on very well. She is trying not to make too much of an issue of it now as she doesn't want A getting into a state about it, but did say she would see how things go, and think about taking her to the GP. I will tell her your story and that may spur her on!

OP posts:
just1fornow · 29/08/2012 17:33

:) I totally get not wanting to make it an issue but even if all the doctor does is say it's a age thing, it will put all involved minds at rest. or give creams or washes to keep them at bay.

good luck

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