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rusmum · 21/08/2012 22:38

My dd is just 8. She is developing breast buds and has done pubic hair! Do I need to do the period talk yet? So sad!!! We have talked about body changes but not periods, don't want to scare her or force her to grow up. She still believes in Santa! Help

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strugglingwiththepreteenbit · 23/08/2012 11:31

get some advice from your gp. They can assess how far into puberty she is by checking her hormone levels. (blood tests.)

NanaNina · 23/08/2012 22:32

My grand daughter had breast buds at about the age of 8 - do you mean she has some pubic hair......I wouldn't do the period talk yet. My gr dghtr is 12 and no periods yet. Sorry but I don't agree about taking her to the GP. I think this will make the whole thing bigger and scarier for her. I have read that pubery is occurring around 2 years earlier than in previous generations, though no idea why this should be.

Your little girl needs to be a child and treated like one, so I would stop worrying. I must admit I found it a bit strange seeing breast buds on my gr dghtr at such a young age, but they haven't grown much in 4 years! She is on the heavy side so I wondered if this could be the cause.

workshy · 23/08/2012 22:38

I disagree with NanaNina

although 8 is not that uncommon to start puberty, pubic hair usually comes about a year or so after breast buds so a quick check with the GP (or even a chat with the nurse to see if they think DD should be seen, bit more low key) wouldn't go a miss

if your DD is showing signs of puberty then you do need to have the period talk but it is perfectly possible to do this in an age appropriate way -9 year olds can have periods and it's pretty scary if you don't know what is happening to you!

NanaNina · 25/08/2012 18:18

But workshy the onset of puberty is not an illness (which is the usual reason for seeing a doctor or nurse) it's a perfectly normal part of the developmental process as children move into puberty, adolesence and adulthood. It's a bit like taking an 18 mth old baby to the GP because she is toddling everywhere and is very curious about her world!

I can't think of anything worse than for a child of 8 to have to show her breast buds to a doctor or nurse. My grdghtr is highly sensitive about hers as I'm sure most of us were at that age.

workshy · 25/08/2012 18:21

I know it's not an illness in itself but early onset can be an issue

I can appreciate it would be embarrassing for the child which is why a suggested a chat with the nurse?

NanaNina · 25/08/2012 21:38

OK over and out!

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