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How do you entertain them?

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funkybuddah · 02/08/2012 14:56

My dc1 is 11 and my dc2 is 4.5.
This year I'm finding it really hard to keep them amused with the same thing.

Beach/swimming/cinema/splash park etc is all fine of course but I'm thinking about rainy days etc
Dc1 would happily spend the day on the computer or watching films, should I give in and let them? Dc2 is still thrilled by puzzles and craft so is easy to entertain.

Is the eldest now at the age where I need to let then do what they want?
Any tips would be appreciated, like I say days out are fine but for rainy/frugal days I'm stuck.

Finding it very hard, thank you

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DontEatTheVolesKids · 02/08/2012 16:23

Drawing, colouring, play dough (yes, my 12yo will still dabble!). Baking.
That reminds me, must teach my kids to write their own Ad Libs. Your 11yo could write & the 2yo could provide words.

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