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Electrolysis for pre-teens? Can this actually be done?

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mummabear1 · 29/07/2012 01:20

Just a question ..... possibly mad but just wondering .... can pre-teens have electrolysis done on their upper lip? Aside from the pain factor and price, is there any harm in allowing children to attempt to start permanently remove facial hair at an early age if they want to? I realise it would still be an ongoing battle through puberty as more sprouts but I just wondered if anyone out there had actually had this done on their younger children and if so, did it work?, did it harm their skin in any way? I cant help thinking that it seems crazy to be constantly applying waxes, creams and lotions to areas of facial hair on girls especially and maybe making the problem worse for them when there are permanent options out there. Is there an age limit for electrolysis?

No abuse thanks! Im just curious. My daughter is becoming aware of her little moustache and she is still very young. I know all about hair removal products but I just wondered why electrolysis couldnt be done on children if they were willing?

OP posts:
coansha · 29/07/2012 16:01

It's down to hormonal changes , I'm in your situation with dds of 11 & 15, both got a little tache, like I had, I have laser hair removal, but no reputable agency / therapist will perform on child under 16, some 18.
Look into the no no, it's a perform at home and you can get a facial attachment for it, not a laser but certainly a safer option and simpe to use.

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