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Dd nearly13

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Leogirl73 · 09/07/2012 14:18

My dd is 13 next month and is in a group of pals at school there are 9 in the group inc her , one of the group has just brought in invites for her 13th party and left dd out saying her mum said she could only have 7 girls at party , my dd is really hurt by this i hate things like this and feel so helpless , my dd is having a party next month and has wrote this child an invite to her party what would you do ... Give invite to this girl or not please help ! Xx

OP posts:
Groovee · 09/07/2012 14:40

I personally would rise above it and invite the girl. There's always issues in girl friendship groups and the best way is to keep out and let your dd decide.

Leogirl73 · 09/07/2012 14:47

Thanks groovee think you're right x

OP posts:
SophiaWinters · 09/07/2012 18:08

I would not exclude the girl, it's her mum who has set the limit not the child. If your daughter likes her as a friend then let her invite the girl to her party :)

Leogirl73 · 09/07/2012 23:36

I see your point sophiawinters but knowing that she is leving just 1 child out seems down right cruel to me , even if it were anther child and not my dd 1 girl was going to feel very excluded , can't help but feel they deserve a taste of their own medicine , I prob won't do this as my dd is a lot more caring than me lol !

OP posts:
SophiaWinters · 10/07/2012 07:34

I agree it's cruel, some parents are like that sadly :( If I were the other girl's parent I'd include the extra one friend, having one extra person to a party isn't a big difference unless there's a specific reason for a limit on numbers for example they're doing some sort of activity where there is a stipulated limit or car space for transport arrangements. But even then if my daughter was in a group of friends that size I'd expect her to find something else to do for her party that would include everyone. I still feel however that it's the parent and not the child making the rules and I'd let my daughter invite her if that's what she wants to do :)

NanaNina · 10/07/2012 20:31

Agree with Govee. A girl at my grand-daughters school didn't get invited to a sleep over and had expected to, and was crying. My lovely g/dghtr made sure she invited just the left out girl to a sleep over at hers the next weekend.

Girls friendship groups change and fall out and re-group, it's par for the course. Certainly let your daughter invite this girl to her party - shows that she has a generous spirit....

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