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My just-turned 10yo is hitting puberty already!

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CardyMow · 05/06/2012 09:55

He has turned from the sweetest boy in the world to a seething, smelly, grunty, argumentative teenager. Three years early!!

I am already trying to deal with my 14yo DD, who has the added difficulty of being on the Autistic Spectrum, and now DS1 has hit puberty, all they seem to do is fire off each other.

How do I calm him down, and get through to him that he is not an adult, and he does not rule the roost here?

And also, how do I get him to use his deodorant?! He whiffs terribly after football etc, and his room stinks of BO, it's very difficult to prise him into the bathtub too.

OP posts:
amck5700 · 07/06/2012 19:02

thw difficulty here is that in general 10 year old boys are filthy soap dodgers and once an interest in the other sex and the early teenage high school years kick in then they generally start to take a bit more of an interest. Because he has hit puperty early you have the conflict between the filthy 10 year old and the fact that un ungroomed teenager will smel; - dirty 10 year olds usually get away with it!!

I don't really have any advice, just wanted to show that someone understands :)

The consolation is that boys are usually through it pretty quickly and least the moodieness should have worn off by the time he starts looking for extra freedom to roam and he may actually listen to reason rather than stomp about slamming doors!!

cory · 08/06/2012 08:36

Breathe while you can, OP- the next stage is the toxic-level clouds of Lynx! Usually kicks in in Yr 7, when they start taking an interest in girls ime. You may consider taking out an extra mortgage at this stage.

CardyMow · 08/06/2012 09:48

He is a) covering everywhere in a fig of Lynx (why he doesn't just have a bath is beyond me?!), and b) already interested in girls, he has a girlfriend already!!

OP posts:
amck5700 · 08/06/2012 14:44

lol - I have one boy about to be 12 and the other about to be 11 - the eldest informed me that he is getting hair down below and the younger has only just grown out of the terrible twos so we are enjoying the break before the teenage hormones kick in!!

Neither showing any interest in girls yet.....or soap!! though we did have a Lynx phase a year or two ago - I took a group of them to the cinema and couldn't breath in the car with 4 of them stinking of various flavours of Lynx!!

slalomsuki · 25/06/2012 20:41

My ds who has just turned 11 is at the lynx and hair stage. I am fortunate that he has showers all the time at the moment so we don't have the teenage boy smell but I am sure it won't be soon.

It's the moods and the shouting at me that is getting on my nerves and I find it very difficult not to shout back or resort to smart sarcasm.

Oh the joys.

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