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Breast buds, aged 7!

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Emmyem · 06/05/2012 20:26

Just noticed dd's breasts seem swollen, and she mentioned that she has hard lumps behind her nipples that are sore...having read some threads on this, I gather this is the beginning, and no 7 is not too young. Can't quite believe it. Only seems like a moment ago she was a toddler! She's always been small for her age, and is still one of the smallest in her class. Any advice would we welcomed, anyone been through this from 7? Any good books I should read?

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NanaNina · 07/05/2012 14:49

Yes I think I noticed a slight swelling on my gr/dgtr - through her T shirt and was amazed as she was only young - can't remember the exact age but probably about 8 or 9. I have read that puberty is 2 years advanced these days, and think it is hereditary. My gr/dghtr is just 12 now and wears a crop top and is very embarrassed about the whole breast thing. She is having a hormone surge as has crops of spots on her brow and a few near her nose. Her mom suffered with bad skin too and started her periods when she was 11, so w are expecting that to come along any time soon.

I haven't heard about soreness though, but maybe that's because she is so young.

Smurfy1 · 07/05/2012 14:54

I read the little book of growing up to DSD she was 8 and started her period at 9 bless her she is now 10 and a 30a!!!!!

I got it from Amazon priced under £3

Emmyem · 07/05/2012 15:43

Thanks NanaNina and Smurfy 1. dd just seems so young...we are still excited about loosing teeth and visits from the tooth fairy, she's only 7.5! I will check out that book and hope that periods take their time arriving.

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shuffara · 09/05/2012 12:15

my daughter had breast buds at 8 - she is now 12 and no periods or boobs! She's the flattest chested in her class so I don't think it necessarily means an early start.

Emmyem · 16/05/2012 21:56

Thanks Shuffara.....I had just assumed that it would all happen very quickly. It's reassuring to know that's not necessarily the case

OP posts:
madwomanintheattic · 16/05/2012 22:02

Same here. 7 is pretty normal for a small amount of breast tissue/ buds to develop, but dd1 is 12 and not wearing a bra or having periods yet. I felt the same when she was 7, but nothing else has happened in the intervening 5 years lol.

Theas18 · 16/05/2012 22:05

DD had breast buds and hair at 7. She was seen by a consultant. All was well in the end, but she did have advanced puberty. She grew rapidly early and now at 12 is 5 foot nothing and has stopped growing. EArly puberty in girls is almost never serious we were told but can lead to short adult height.

THe boob growth was early ish (proper bra in year 5, bravissimo sized late in year 6, going into year 7). However, interestingly, she started her periods at almost the same age to the week as her "normal" big sister at 11yrs 3 months. Elder DD is also just 5 foot 2.......So I'm really thinking this is normal for our familyLOL.

Downsides of early puberty? Actually she's not had trouble at school etc at all re bras. She's very matter of fact an open about things , which is how she is generally, so periods weren't a trauma. BUT as a parent she's been a moody cow for years!!!!!! It's like having a big toddler often and an amazing grown up the rest of the time- very interesting parenting.

Thesorceress · 14/06/2017 16:21

My daughter, Button, has just turned 10. I've noticed for a little while that she's not quite so flat chested (noooooo!) Just recently the right one is a bit bigger than the left, which I've read does happen.... ny question is.. that her nipples have gone really light right in the middle, with a dark pink around the outer edge - had anyone else seen this type of thing? I assumed it was where it's a bit swollen. I don't want to bother a healthcare professional for a trivial issue. Thanks for any help. X

Pubertychanges · 30/06/2019 19:11

My daughter is ten and literally searched up about a breast bud because she thought it was a Disease or breast cancer or something. I told her it’s normal for that to happen. She was still like ahhhhhh help I’m dying ahhhh! I stood there looked at her and said your OK
your not going to die your body is just going through puberty.

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