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Dumb question about periods and DD aged 10

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Snowbell · 21/04/2012 14:35

My DD will be going away with the school in 3 weeks time for 3 days. She will be 10 and a half. She has not started puberty yet, as in she doesn't have breast buds. She gets greasy hair and is moody sometimes so no doubt things are cranking up. Do you think I need to get some sanitary pads for her suitcase just in case? Can periods start ahead of breast buds? I am thinking impossible but maybe I'm wrong!

OP posts:
notcitrus · 21/04/2012 15:12

Unlikely, but I'd get her pads just in case!

Loveleopardprint · 21/04/2012 21:48

Is it worth having a quiet word with a sensible teacher to see if they make precisions with for unexpected periods? Tbh my daughter is twelve and had developed all of the other ways before her periods hit!

Svrider · 21/04/2012 22:47

I started my periods b4 any other secondary sexual characteristics
Op I would get her some pads, give them to her to pack

Snowbell · 22/04/2012 21:59

thanks Svrider. Your comment makes me think I should just get her some anyway. You never know!

OP posts:
perceptionreality · 22/04/2012 22:01

Some people start their periods before they have breasts and some, like me have all the other changes and fully developed breasts and the periods are last. You never know.

Smurfy1 · 23/04/2012 02:35

My DSD has started and she uses panty liners atm as not heavy enough for proper towels

MerryMarigold · 23/04/2012 02:53

I wouldn't stress about it for a 3 day trip. My first period was a very small amount of brownish discharge - I was away from home too actually and got away with some tissue stuffed in my knickers. I think she'll be embarrassed if kids find them. I'm sure teachers will go prepared as there may be some girls who have started but forgotten to pack anything.

nooka · 23/04/2012 03:16

My first period was quite heavy and I was away from home. It wasn't much fun. I think it must be fairly unusual to start before any other sign of puberty - most guidance seems to be that periods are likely to start about two years after the beginning of puberty, although I'm sure some start earlier and some later.

My dd is eleven and we just pop a few pads and a spare pair of knickers in her wash bag when she goes to camp etc.

Beanbagz · 23/04/2012 13:27

My DD is going away for 4 nights in May and it hadn't crossed my mind to send her equipped with anything.

Maybe i should rethink? And have a more detailed chat with her as we just had a brief chat before she went away with school last year.

NettoSuperstar · 23/04/2012 13:31

My ten yr old is having her second period.
The first was ages ago, a year maybe? and hardly anything, and whilst this isn't heavy, it's the real deal.
I'd pack something just in case.

Weddellway · 23/04/2012 13:33

My DD satrted at 10, but we had 2 years of rapid growth (height), hair in various places, sweaty armpits and breasts starting before the periods, so probably no need to worry.

Snowbell · 23/04/2012 20:56

I'll have a chat with her about it before buying anything. I'm sure she wouldn't be the only girl in her class with pads, but I don't want to freak her out!
I remember going to London with the school when I was 10 or 11. My mum gave me some of her horrible Kotex pads in a sort of string sack with a suspender belt to hold them in place, just in case. I was horrified! I thought that's what you had to wear. I didn't realise until I did start periods when I was 12 that you could buy stick on ones.

OP posts:
perceptionreality · 23/04/2012 21:10

I have a 10 year old daughter who hasn't started yet, but because I was late at 14 it has not occured to me to give her stuff to carry. Does it go mostly on when your mother started?

Hulababy · 23/04/2012 21:14

I also hadn't thought about this. DD is just turned 10y but already developing. She now wears a bra, had hairs appearing where they weren't before, and her whole body shape has changed a lot. This is much earlier than I was, although MIl tells me she was an early developer. DD knows all about periods, etc. and I do have a pack of teen sized pads in the house. Maybe I should consider packing some for her - she goes to France with school in May.

Mind you, i suspect the teachers will take some in their emergency supplies too.

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