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Sudden dandruff. Best shampoo to deal with it

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ihatethecold · 19/02/2012 15:23

My DS 11 has suddenly developed dandruff. I don't have any hair products to help, He washed his hair with our usual stuff but it didn't help. It just a recent problem as he has the hormones a raging!
Any one know of a decent product?

OP posts:
BillyBollyBandy · 19/02/2012 21:55

Head and Shoulders Anti Dandruff. My DB used this (may still do so) as he has psoriosis and so suffered with it quite badly.

ednurse · 19/02/2012 22:00

I had it around the same age. Not so much dandruff but more I could pull out big huge chunks of thick scalp

I used the T-Gel shampoo, it's fab. Also cradle cap shampoo works better than Head and Shoulders IMO.

Iwantcandy · 25/02/2012 02:26

Is it dandruff or a dry scaly itchy scalp? If it's a dry scalp try coconut oil on his scalp overnight preferably (put a towel or your least favourite pillowcases on his pillows that night) then shampoo off the next morning. It is very thick and usually takes me 3 shampoos to remove it. I have to buy an unscented shampoo to stop it coming back - your local health food shop or holland and Barrett should have one.

quirrelquarrel · 25/02/2012 08:42

You could try the Body Shop ginger shampoo- amazing stuff! Lasts for quite a lot time since you don't need much all at one, but still not cheap at £4.

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