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Has anyone read Queen Bees and Wannabees?

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FiveHoursSleep · 03/12/2011 13:22

I'm reading this at the moment on a friend's recommendation and am finding it all very interesting.
My eldest is almost 10, so I have a lot of what is discussed in the book to come, and wonder how relevant it actually is to 12, 13, 14 + year old girls.
There is definitely some queen bee behaviour among DD1 and DD2's friendsship groups and I feel I may be more prepared for various issues that may occur after reading this. It is also a bit frightening but it's reinforced my decision to leave off giving my DDs phones and FB pages as long as possible.

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jenniec79 · 03/12/2011 13:24

Not read it, but isn't it the story behind the film "Mean Girls"

FiveHoursSleep · 03/12/2011 13:29

Ahh yes, I didn't know that! I haven't seen that film because I thought it would remind me too much of my own childhood.
It's a non fiction book though, there is no story as such.

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Teladi · 03/12/2011 13:32

I read it when I was preparing to lead a discussion group/workshop with chronically ill teenagers. I was 24 at the time but found it really reflected my experience as a teenager and the points we brought up in the workshop that were inspired by the book seemed to be received well by the group, who were almost all female. While researching for the workshop I also read Odd Girl Out and Curse of the Good Girl by Rachel Simmons - also very relevant and interesting. Perhaps you may also find them useful.

FiveHoursSleep · 03/12/2011 14:53

Oh thanks for those recommendations. I don't need to read anything about 'good girls' with my lot but I have a friend who might find this helpful!

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