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How long after noticeable breast buds did your DD start her period?

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fatsatsuma · 03/10/2011 10:48

DD (10) is one of the tallest in her year and has definitely started puberty - needs to use deodorant, tiny bit of pubic hair, and very noticeable breast developement.

She's not slept very well this weekend and mentioned a sore tummy this morning. By the time we'd got to school she was happy to go in, and I've said I'll go and collect her if she's ill during the day. But I've suddenly had a panic that she could actually be starting her period Shock

It seems waaaay too early to me, as I was a late developer, but she's clearly not. Can you please tell me with your DDs, what the time delay was between the beginnings of puberty that she's showing, and periods rearing their ugly heads?

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fatsatsuma · 03/10/2011 11:19

Shameless bump Grin

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NunTheWiser · 03/10/2011 11:23

I have read that periods usually start around 2 years after girls develop noticeable breast tissue. DD1 is nearly 12. Her changes started around 10 and she has not had a period yet.

fatsatsuma · 03/10/2011 12:12

Thank you, that's reassuring. I would hate DD to start this early.

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startail · 03/10/2011 12:48

I generally heard 2 years from breast buds.
Your DD sounds a bit more developed than that so 1 - 2 years. I think only the tallest girl started her periods at primary.
DD1 was quite curvy by the time she left and had her first period spring halfterm of Y7 ( in Europe on school trip. Fortunately she had felt vaguely I'll once a month ages so she had some supplies. The teachers were great, said it often happens)

fatsatsuma · 03/10/2011 13:37

Thanks startail. It's so hard to know how much to prepare them isn't it? I have chatted to her about what will happen etc, when it's come up, but tbh, she doesn't particularly like talking about it all and I don't want to push more information on her than she's ready for. Glad to hear that your DD's experience wasn't a negative one.

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chickensaresafehere · 04/10/2011 11:15

My dd stared her period a couple of weeks ago,she is 11,12 in January.But she is quite well developed.She had no pains though & coped with it very well,luckily her school swimming lesson was cancelled that week as that was the only thing that really bothered her about it all!!!

startail · 04/10/2011 23:50

Thanks fatsatsuma, I like it and I bet your tall and fair. Fortunately DD1 is a practical soul and not easily upset.
We had a very small fight about trying tampons. She's a fish so really hadn't much option. But she soon got the idea.
Unfortunately her periods did hurt at first, but they settled down after about 6 months. I hope she doesn't read thisBlush TMI Mum!

zeus123 · 04/10/2011 23:55

Can they use tampons at such young age?

lexcat · 06/10/2011 21:41

Dd 10 started with swollen nipples, BO, spots, greasy hair, pubic hair and lastly discharge nearly 2 years ago. Now slightly more pubic hair, less BO, and boobs that struggle to fill an aa cup bra, plus growing tall fast . No sign of periods.

Yet dd friend small (one of the smallest in dd's class) only just started showing signs of puberty within the last year has just stared her periods.

SandStorm · 06/10/2011 21:44

It was 2 years for my DD. She was 11, same as me.

startail · 06/10/2011 21:54

DD had no trouble with tampons 2nd or third time she tried, but she's not the shy embarrassed sort.

Lec84 · 30/06/2019 18:19

My dd is 8 1/2 has breast buds just lately her moods are horrendous should I be having the period talk

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