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aibu with my 12yo dd getting texts from 17yo male friend?

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sidmuttley · 12/09/2011 20:12

my dd (12 in November) is receiving text messages and phone calls from a 17yo 'friend' who lives near her father whom she visits every other weekend, naturally i'm very concerned by this and would like to be able to block this lads number from her phone but not sure how or if indeed i'm being unreasonable in doing so? (she's got a samsung tocco lite) would appreciate any feedback please. I have contacted her father, although I don't actually expect the useless t**t to do anything about it (par for the course with him)

OP posts:
AnyFucker · 12/09/2011 20:24

Block the number

Have a talk with your daughter about unwanted and inappropriate attention from boys much older than her

Tear a fucking strip off her father

Have you read any of the messages ? I would, in a heartbeat.

sidmuttley · 12/09/2011 22:21

thanks Any, I've done all of the above successfully. I also messaged the boy concerned and told him that I didn't want him contacting her any more. Her father has actually agreed with me and is willing to back me up and will be speaking to the boy at the earliest available opportunity (or so he says). Some of the messages were a little leading, not in a sexual way, but in a 'there's someone i'm interested in but i dont know if she likes me' way. when dd asked who, he merely replied that he was messaging the person at that time. hopefully this has been nipped in the bud, and i'm also hoping that if he thinks i've got access to her phone it will also deter him from messaging her.

OP posts:
AnyFucker · 13/09/2011 08:09

ok, hope you get it sorted, sounds like you have done the right things

those messages sound very, very immature

more like something between two 12 yo's, which would be fine as it's a level playing field

maybe they were innocent, but it is not appropriate for a 17yo to be in such contact with an 11yo and needed nipping in the bud, IMO...the imbalance of power there would be a worry

btw, if you want more replies than just mine, try posting this in the Teenage section, there is a bit more traffic there

and this is quite a common issue in there

sidmuttley · 13/09/2011 16:10

thank you for your advice, and yes, perhaps posting it in the teenage section would have made more sense, but tbh i didn't really think about it. the messages were immature, but there was also something worrying about some of them, nothing I can put my finger on, just a feeling that intimate friendship was being cultivated, which seemed wrong given the age difference between them. and a comment about my daughters bf obviously having very good taste which i felt was an odd thing to say.

OP posts:
chocolaterainbow · 13/09/2011 16:13

"he merely replied that he was messaging the person at that time" sounds to me like he meant your daughter... your so right to nip it in the bud now.

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