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dd no "best" friend

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zsazsa123 · 19/05/2011 17:48

would appreciate any advice on this matter please , i dont know if im worrying over nothing here , but my dd is in y7 and have posted on here in the past about my concerns with friends she went upto seniors with , these previous issues have resolved ahe doesnt have much to do with these kids now , she has made a few friends but not one that she could say " she is my best friend " it doesnt seem to worry her but im concerned as i always did have a good friend at school , i also worry she may try to "buy " friends if you like using her lunch money to buy things for others and taking in sweets etc , is there anything i could do to help her ?? if indeed she needs helpp !!

OP posts:
bigdonna · 19/05/2011 18:38

hi zsazsa i also have ayr7 dd,my dd has met many new friends i encouraged her to invite them around or to meet up on the weekend.she is meeting a friend to go bowling on saturday.i always make her friends very welcome any time as i also get worried sometimes when she says things like i had aarguement with her friends from dd talks to her friends on bbm!she has abest friend from primary who moved away she comes to stay nearly every holiday.i think sometimes we have to help with friendships.take care

kreecherlivesupstairs · 20/05/2011 07:29

It's tricky. My DD is 10 and hasn't had a BF for four years. The last one she had was in Thailand.
She is having a sleepover at a friends house tonight, they are pretty close but not in the same way as she was with Becky.
We are leaving Belgium soon so that she can have last year in junior school before going to secondary. My greatest hope is that she makes a decent kind friend when we go.

crazynanna · 20/05/2011 07:34

She may not have met 'the one' yet. I didn't really get to 'know' the girl who became my best friend until year 9,so maybe her bezzie mate is there,even though your dd is not aware yet xx

SandStorm · 20/05/2011 07:38

I really wouldn't worry about it as it can go to the other extreme. My dd had a best friend and they were so close they excluded everyone else. Which was fine until they had a falling out.

Those few weeks of not talking to her best friend were hell as there was no one else she was friends with.

Now they don't speak at all but they've both moved on to different secondary schools and my dd has a group of friends she's very close to and I feel it's much healthier that way.

bigTillyMint · 20/05/2011 08:07

I would encourage her to make lots of friends - girls can be very fickle at this age and if she has a wide circle of friends, there will always be someone to turn to.

Please don't feel that she has to have a best friend - I didn't have one really at school (though at primary I guess my bf's were twins) - I preferred to have lots of different friends, and was very happy like that.
DD has a very, very bf still from primary, but they are at different secondary schools. She has now got a big circle of good friends at her new school and is just as happy.

zsazsa123 · 20/05/2011 08:58

thank you for all taking the time to reply all very helpful xx

OP posts:
highhopes2010 · 23/05/2011 14:18

My son has never had one best friend, he has lots of friends though.I had a few best friends growing up ,but I dont worry about ds as theres always someone he can play with.wouldnt worry zsazsa.

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