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Rate of cervical change a worry

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Kalodin · 14/09/2023 05:46

History of 2 x 28 weekers, currently 20 weeks.

Yesterday had my fortnightly cervical length scan with a different Consultant than usual (she was on Leave). My Cervix has dropped again by quite a bit. Whilst I know the shortening of the cervix is expected as pregnancy progresses, I'm unsure if it's meant to be this steep?

I've attached a graph to show what I mean; the red dots are my measurements.

The Consultant Yesterday did say he was surprised I hadn't been started on progesterone by my usual Doctor and maybe ask about that. He also said I might want to consider a cerclarge now to prevent this rate of change.

However, he said I could also just wait and see and discuss this all with my usual Consultant in my next appointment in a fortnight.

I opted for the latter as I was already a bit out-of-sorts as it was a different doctor and the rate of change hadn't quite sunk in. I was focused on 30mm being an okay measurement as Doctor said technically 25mm is classed as a short cervix.

I'm just hoping for some advice on here. 30mm does seem on the shorter side for 20weeks. Plus the literature I've read indicates that a rate of change this steep can indicate a higher risk of premature birth.

I should opt for intervention shouldn't I.

Rate of cervical change a worry
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SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 17/09/2023 09:08

I'm sorry, I don't have any experience but hopefully this will bump for you Flowers

Kalodin · 17/09/2023 17:57

Thank you. In case anyone does find this thread, ended up going with the cerclage, called the DR back and scheduled it in for Friday just gone.

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