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Second after IUGR/placental insufficiency

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iugrbaby · 15/04/2023 23:11

Hello. I just wanted to see if anyone here had any experience with having an IUGR baby due to placental insufficiency, and did you have it again with your second? We are considering TTC a dc2 however our first was severely IUGR (born 0.4 centile) and had to be born early at 33 weeks as the placenta had started to fail. It was an extremely stressful pregnancy and by the last few weeks I was being monitored almost daily. I had so many scans. Also an extended stay in NICU/SCBU after birth. This all worries me to go through all that again, so looking for some real life experiences!

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zombielady · 15/04/2023 23:23

I had 2 IUGR babies, both born at 37 weeks. First 4lb 6, second 4lb 15, so not as severe as yours by the sound of it. Easier second time as I knew what to expect, but all the scans are very stressful regardless.
At least you would go into the pregnancy informed, and you would be monitored regularly.

iugrbaby · 15/04/2023 23:35

@zombielady thanks for replying. That's a good point, I would go in knowing what to expect if it happens again. Yes, dc was born 2.2lb so very tiny! Don't want it to put us off as always wanted more than one, but it's so unpredictable.

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KatzP · 16/04/2023 00:01

Hi I had first at 32 weeks also 2.2lb - I had severe pre eclampsia but was told placenta was failing (and that probably caused the pre eclampsia).
second I had consultant led care. A specific scan at 22 weeks to check the umbilical arteries. That showed poor blood flow so risk of same issues again. Was on blood thinners from 12 weeks and following 22 week scan I had growth scans every 2 weeks.
managed to get to 36 weeks when baby stopped growing and delivered a few days later. Also very small for dates 4lb but no NICU or SCUBU stay needed.

I met with the consultant for a pre conception discussion about risks etc and they really helped ease my worries. I knew the extra monitoring and blood thinners were likely to make a big difference. So felt happy trying for a second.

iugrbaby · 16/04/2023 04:41

@KatzP interesting to hear of your experience. Are you in the uk, if you don't mind asking? I was wondering how it would work with the second, whether my history would be picked up at the 8 week initial check in with the mw and then they would refer me to be consultant lead, or is this something you requested from the get go yourself?

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iugrbaby · 16/04/2023 04:48

@KatzP Ah I see you had a pre-conception meeting with the consultant. That would be amazing I think. The care you recieved with your second sounds similar to my first experience. Also was on blood thinners from 12, growth scans every other week from 20 weeks which then became weekly with blood flow scans also weekly. It was a whole lot of scans! Thanks for sharing. Glad it worked out for you.

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KatzP · 16/04/2023 09:19

I requested the pre conception meeting via my GP.
i was referred to consultant led care after the 8 week booking in appointment and had the first consultant appointment (well with someone in his team) at 13 weeks so after the dating scan.
it helped that I was informed and knew what to expect from the pre conception meeting as initially the junior dr I saw was only going to prescribe aspirin. I was clear about what I'd be told (he went and checked so then got the clexane I was expecting).
also interestingly I was told by the sonographer that there is very limited variation in size up to 20 weeks as the process of developing is essentially same for every baby. It's after that the changes to size due to genetics and in our cases placenta issues occur.

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