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Had baby at 36 weeks

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Michaelawoods · 15/03/2023 20:38

I had my first baby at 36 weeks due to loss of fluid so I had a c section as my consultant advised it was best for baby.

my baby is nearly 7 months now and it has me thinking about having a 2nd baby if we will be blessed with one. I’ve always wanted to have my babies close together.

but I’m just wondering has anyone had any experience with their first baby coming early and how did the 2nd pregnancy go, we’re you early or late?
mom just worried about it all for some reason.
thanks x

OP posts:
CoalCraft · 15/03/2023 20:42

Hi OP! My first baby was born at 33 weeks, my second at 38 weeks, i.e. not prem.

I think the risk of it happening again depends on why it happened in the first place but it's definitely not guaranteed!

Whatadayyyy · 15/03/2023 20:49

I had my first ds at 36 weeks exactly. When pregnant with no 2 I was told by midwife/doctor that I was higher risk for another premature birth but ds2 was only 10 days early!

Snozzlemaid · 15/03/2023 21:04

Mine weren't premature but were both born at 37 weeks.

Travellingraspberry · 15/03/2023 21:20

My first baby came at 33 weeks and I made it to my planned cs date at nearly 40 weeks for dc2

Bodybags · 15/03/2023 21:26

Both mine were at 36 weeks, wasn’t classed as premature, classed as term.
Both 5lbs.
Home in less than 24 hours after the 2nd c section.
Absolutely fine.

Michaelawoods · 15/03/2023 21:48

Ah that’s reassuring to hear 😊 thank you for the reply x

OP posts:
Michaelawoods · 15/03/2023 21:49

Ya I guess it depends, tbh I’m not to sure of the reason, I do know I was losing fluid and that’s why I needed to have a section (Also breech) but unsure why I was losing fluid. Consultant just said that the baby was ready to come 🤷🏼‍♀️

OP posts:
Michaelawoods · 15/03/2023 21:51

ah I’m glad to hear that 😊
my baby was in the NICU for 6 days but he’s absolutely fine now 🙏🏼

OP posts:
nettytree · 15/03/2023 21:53

I had both of mine at 36 weeks due to cholestasis. Eldest is now 16 and expected to get A* in his gcses.

Ginflinger · 15/03/2023 21:53

36 weeks then 38 weeks. Luckily all well with both of them. Good luck with your decision!

mondaytosunday · 15/03/2023 22:00

Had my first at 37 weeks, over 10lbs! Second by planned section at 38 weeks.

Winter41 · 15/03/2023 22:22

My first was 36 weeks and a couple of days. Second was four days past due date. No issues.

dicdicnurse · 15/03/2023 22:38

First was 35 weeks, second was on her due date.

DelphiniumBlue · 15/03/2023 22:43

DS1 born at 36!weeks, DS2 37 weeks, DS3 36.5 weeks.
DS1 had jaundice and had phototherapy for a week or so, the other 2 were fine- all 7lbs+.

Tree543 · 15/03/2023 22:47

Ds1 36+1
Ds2 35+5
Ds3 39+5
No reasons for the first two slightly early births. Consultant and midwife and me all thought ds3 would be early too but he had other ideas.

TheTeenageYears · 15/03/2023 22:59

DC1 36+2 (probable pre eclampsia), DC2 a few hours after due date and a very quick labour

Teaandcrochet · 15/03/2023 23:06

I had my first at 35 weeks and was told there was no reason my second should come early...second came at 30 weeks.

TheShellBeach · 15/03/2023 23:22

Hi OP. I had two at 35 weeks and two at 42 weeks. They alternated!

TheShellBeach · 15/03/2023 23:24

And both 35 weekers needed SCBU for a week. All four are adults now, and healthy.

Lochjeda · 15/03/2023 23:27

36 weeks isn't premature, it is considered preterm. Babies born before 34 weeks are premature.

My eldest was born at 35+5 as I started losing fluid, I believe due to group B strep, second was born at 38 and third was born at 39+5.

My sister and my mum both had their first at 36 weeks and the others later. My best friends baby was born at 32 weeks and the next was born at term. Dont worry too much, hopefully all will be okay and the next baby won't be any earlier.

Bunnyfuller · 15/03/2023 23:31

36 weeks is only just early, OP. Not sure you have anything to be worried about, did they need extra support?

wlv12 · 15/03/2023 23:34

DS1 - 35+1
DS2 - 40+4


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IfOnlyOurEyesSawSouls · 16/03/2023 00:14

Statistically you are more likely to have an early baby, but not as early as the first.

So for example i had a 34 weeker and a 36 weeker.

If yours was a 36 weeker its highly probable you would go to term for your second ( 37 weeks).

Either way the second time you have a history so professionals are more alert to your personal risk factors.Flowers

OzziePopPop · 16/03/2023 00:27

I had pre eclampsia twice, first pregnancy DD was born at 34+5 by emergency C-section, second pregnancy DS was born at 37+5 by planned C-section. One premie doesn’t mean another necessarily but ask your dr of course!

Michaelawoods · 16/03/2023 09:18

OzziePopPop · 16/03/2023 00:27

I had pre eclampsia twice, first pregnancy DD was born at 34+5 by emergency C-section, second pregnancy DS was born at 37+5 by planned C-section. One premie doesn’t mean another necessarily but ask your dr of course!

Oh that makes me feel much better thank you 😊 I just want my kids close together and hopefully that happens for me but you know when you get into your head and start overthinking before anything has gone wrong 😂🙈

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