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CPR Doppler

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PHOENIX2103 · 11/02/2023 17:13


Im 32 weeks pregnant everything was going great until i got my 32 week scan and baby is in 3rd percentile with high resistance blood flow and a CPR in the 3rd percentile meaning less than 1. Ive googled it and its very scientific and basically says baby could have a bad outcome.

Anyone any positive stories.

Here are my notes.

Someone please help im going out of my mind

CPR Doppler
OP posts:
PritiPatelsMaker · 11/02/2023 21:37

So sorry that you haven't had any replies, hopefully this will bump for you Flowers

PritiPatelsMaker · 02/04/2023 11:16

How are things now @PHOENIX2103?

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