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Pregnancy choices

Have i passed the pregnancy ?

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ThisChirpyPinkWriter · 15/02/2024 14:24

Hi everyone, first time posting on here. I took four misoprostal tablets vaginally yesterday. Within two hours i passed a large fibrous clot and then straight after what looked like the gestational sac. I was about 7 weeks and it was size of a grape but round. It was clear with beige coloured tissue inside and I wondered if others can say is this similar to their experience?
I am just anxious to know the worse is over as i was frightened about what to expect. I do have a photo but its graphic so not sure if it can be shared. I passed several other clots after and now my cramps have gone.
Any advice be great. Thanks

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CheeryBiscuit · 18/02/2024 10:22

I had a termination at just over 5 weeks and that sounds like the sac that I passed, except mine was obviously a bit smaller..blueberry sized. So I would say that you have passed the pregnancy yes. Hope you are OK.

ThisChirpyPinkWriter · 18/02/2024 16:20

Thanks so much.. I appreciate your reply. Hopefully i have then , im always worried its not all over. Im still a bit crampy on and off and bleeding like a light period now.
I hope you are ok too and appreciate your reply x

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