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Pregnancy choices

Unsure whether to continue with pregnancy

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Loki902 · 18/01/2024 20:50

Hi, I’ve just found out I’m 5 weeks pregnant and I’m really unsure about what to do. I would love to continue with this pregnancy but I don’t feel like the timing is right for us. Financially we are not in a great position, we both work full time, but moved back in with family a few months ago to start getting on top of our debts and eventually start saving for our own place. I don’t think there would be room for us all here so we would have to start renting again, and I’m concerned a baby will set us back further than we were before. I’m also moving from my current job to a new one in a few weeks, so I wouldn’t qualify for SMP. My head is telling me that I should terminate the pregnancy, but my heart wants the opposite. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

OP posts:
NeonCarrot · 20/01/2024 14:41

Hi Loki, I feel for you! I got pregnant less than a year after getting married which was NOT the plan. Like you, I definitely wanted a child, so we decided we would make it work. Breastfeeding and cloth nappies helped a lot to keep costs down, also getting baby things from charity shops and friends. You don't really need a whole lot in the first year. Can anyone in your family help out as long as you're living there? Having the baby was the right choice for me, she's in high school now and I can't imagine life without her. You will have to figure out if you can make this pregnancy work, I hope you can manage it and enjoy being a mum.

Lost34 · 22/01/2024 11:52

Hi Loki,

my situation was a little different to yours but I too was pregnant unexpectedly, I was torn in the same way, I decided to continue the pregnancy but it ended in miscarriage. I was heartbroken, so in hindsight emotionally I don’t think I would have coped very well with a termination. My advice would be follow your heart, your head can justify lots of things but what ifs are really hard.

I hope it all works out for you x

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