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This topic is for sharing experiences of pregnancy choices; to debate the ethics of termination, visit our Politics or Chat forums.

Pregnancy choices

Abortion Pill experience

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Sweetiecake1290 · 31/12/2023 08:03

Reading these really helped me in the lead up to taking the abortion pills, so I’m going to share my experience for those who find themselves in this situation.

initially I was unsure what I wanted to do, I went through a phase for around 5 days of thinking we were going to keep the pregnancy but after a deep chat with my partner we decided that now was just not the right time. Career & life goals hadn’t been achieved yet that were important to me, so we decided to terminate.

i initially contacted BPAS, who said they couldn’t treat me and referred me to MSI.

i booked my phone call apppointment and the date came through for around 10 days later. This phone call was 20 minutes with one of the loveliest ladies, asking about mine & my families past health history. I then had another phone call the same day, with another lovely lady who asked some safe guarding questions, be prepared that these are a little deep but they are asked to protect you.

I was 6 weeks & 3 days at this point.

the pills arrived the next day in a white box which slid through the letter box. This was 100% discrete and you would have no idea what it was.

I took the first pill Friday afternoon at around 4pm. I had no side effects of this, other than a little cramping the next day at around 12ish.

24 hours later on Saturday I inserted the 4 small pills into my vagina. I layed in bed dosed up on paracetamol just in case.
nothing happened for the first two hours, other than a little cramping & a small amount of bleeding.

I then decided I needed to do a number 2, nothing like diarrhoea like some ladies get. With this I felt a large clot pass and plop into the toilet. I did look, purely because up until this moment I had none of the severe cramping I was expecting so was blown away that it had done its job already. It was the size of a strawberry I would say, nothing distinguishable at all.

further cramping continued but this was honestly just period cramping followed with heavy period flow.

3 hours later I then inserted the final 2 pills into my mouth & allowed to dissolve.

Ladies, I have experienced worse pains with trapped wind than I have taking these pills. i hyped myself up for this but it was honestly fine.

it’d now Sunday & I am experiencing normal period flow. I was up walking around laughing with my partner throughout the whole experience.

I hope this puts some other ladies at ease. Understandably everyone is different, I consider myself very lucky to have had such a smooth & virtually painless experience.

sending love & hugs to anyone else finding themselves in this situation xxxx

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Lulullama · 31/12/2023 12:03

Thanks for sharing this. I’ve just found out I’m pregnant and unfortunately am also not in the right place in my life to keep it. I was going to ring my doctor for an appointment, I didn’t realise there was another option - could you explain more about MSI please?

Sweetiecake1290 · 31/12/2023 15:39

If you Google msi, you can fill out an online form. You literally don’t need to speak to anyone until the phone call, you can request that your gp doesn’t get told too. Can’t fault them, here if you need any help sweet xx

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