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Extremely light bleeding 3 days after abortion pills?

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JoanneH12 · 11/12/2023 23:29

Hi all, I had a medical abortion on Friday. I had some cramping Friday night and some pink blood when I wiped. I have had no bleeding since until this evening when I have had some very very light bleeding - nowhere near enough to fill a pad and still only a watery pink not red bleeding. Does it sound as thought it worked? Any advice would be great, thanks.

OP posts:
lineandsinker · 12/12/2023 18:39

I was advised by my nurse at MSI to call their Aftercare line if no significant bleeding after 24 hours of having the second set of tablets. Might be worth calling the provider?

Bluelock · 15/01/2024 18:45

Hi, what is the update here? Has it work?
And how weeks are you when you use the pill?

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